Headline: Sprat’s wife goes splat!


Jack Sprat could eat no fat.

His wife could eat no lean.

And so between the two of them,

they licked the platter clean.

This is a story about a couple who fit the description in this nursery rhyme perfectly.  “Mr. Sprat” was tall and thin and “Mrs. Sprat” was short and very plump.  But while they looked very different, they were very alike in their love of life and laughter and had had a long and happy marriage.

The Sprats lived in an old frame house at the curve of a very busy highway.  In fact, they could sometimes actually feel a vibration in the house when a semi went by.  And Mr. Sprat had said many times that if a vehicle ever missed making the curve in the road, it could very well end up in their living room!

One day Mrs. Sprat was cleaning in the kitchen when she noticed some gnats flying around the overhead light fixture in the middle of the room.  So she got out a can of bug spray and sprayed around the fixture. 

But the next time she walked across the room, when she walked under the light fixture she slipped in some bug spray residue that had fallen on the linoleum floor.  In an instant, her feet went out from under her, she flew up in the air and then landed on the floor with a huge “BANG”.

As she got herself up to a sitting position she was thinking how lucky she was that she wasn’t hurt and how dumb she was to not realize that the floor might be slippery.  But just then, her husband came racing through the kitchen headed for the front of the house.  As he ran past her sitting on the floor, he yelled, “What are you doing on the floor?  Get up!  We’ve got to get out of here, I think a semi just hit the house!”

At that, Mrs. Sprat started laughing so hard that she was not capable of getting to her feet.  And once it registered with Mr. Sprat that he had just run past his wife sitting on the floor and he heard her laughter, he understood what must have happened and how funny that made what he had thought had happened.  He immediately started laughing too and came back to help her up — after they had both managed to stop laughing, that is. 

And “the Sprats” lived happily every after, always continuing to look for the humor in life.  And enjoying many times telling the story about the time “the semi hit the house”!

Based on a story a friend of mine tells about some friends of her parents.   


10 Responses to Headline: Sprat’s wife goes splat!

  1. Thanks for my first laugh of the day. May all of our kitchen floors remain dry!

  2. Sandra says:

    Amen, June. Much easier to keep them dry and CLEAN when there aren’t any children in the home any more! 🙂

    btw,I have some sympathy for Mrs. Sprat today because I slipped on some water inside the door at the mall yesterday and took a spill of my own. It’s AMAZING how quickly I was able to get up, I guess because I was embarrassed and it was apparently just my dignity that was hurt!

  3. Hilary says:

    Too funny, Sandra. I’d have been tempted to trip that Jack Sprat for the thought though. 🙂

  4. Barb says:

    If you keep that sense of humor, you can make it to 45, 50, or more years of marriage!

  5. Sandra says:

    Hilary — I’m sure he took some grief for his original thought!

    Barb — Yes, laughter definitely makes marriage much more do-able, doesn’t it.

  6. lynn says:

    Ha! I thought you were going to say this happened to you and your hubby. Great story, one that I’m sure has been fun to repeat all through the years 🙂

  7. Suldog says:

    There’s nothing so good for the soul as a strong laugh – unless it’s hearing kind words, much appreciated, in your comments section. And I surely do appreciate them. Thanks!

  8. Sandra says:

    Lynn — My friend knows that if she tells this story, she can ALWAYS get a laugh out of me, so I’ve heard it many times over the years. It’s fun to finally get to share it with others!

    Suldog — Thank YOU for stopping by. I am really enjoying reading your writing!

  9. C. Beth says:

    What a GREAT story! Thanks, Sandra!

  10. Sandra says:

    Beth — I know you have cut back on your blog reading AND commenting, so it is very flattering when I hear from you! Thank you, young friend. 🙂

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