Pandora’s Box


Television changed our lives, and we had no idea how many ways it would do that.

  Mama and Daddy with our first television in 1953.  It was a Zenith-brand  “console” which not only had the TV in it, but also a radio and a turntable for records. 

   Mama looks happier than Daddy.  Maybe he’s worrying about how much it cost!  (I’m sure I’m on the other side of the room dancing with joy and telling them to hurry up with the pictures so that we can watch it!)

Who could have guessed how much influence TV would exert on all our lives today, when Mama and Daddy were admiring their first set in 1953?

Definitely a Pandora’s Box that can never be re-closed.  All we can do is use the remote control to “edit” what we allow it to bring into our homes.

10 Responses to Pandora’s Box

  1. It’s been 8 1/2 years since I had a TV. I think I closed the box!

  2. Sandra says:

    Good for you, Rachel for being part of what I think is a very admirable minority!

  3. Viki says:

    I sometimes think the computer, cell phones etc. are what the TV was to our generation. It’s not so easy to use a remote on these. Oh boy, you can tell I’m getting older LOL.

  4. Sandra says:

    Viki — Yes, in fact I can see the internet replacing TV’s, can’t you? Life marches on.

  5. mrs4444 says:

    I love the pics. They were a handsome couple, and the wallpaper is awesome. And yes, TV opened up the barn door, for sure!

  6. Sandra says:

    Mrs. Fours — Thank you — for the people AND the wallpaper! It was definitely a big day when we got TV. Springfield didn’t even have it’s own station. We had to watch a station from Kansas City which was a couple hours away. I remember it would fade in and out so that you were never sure you were going to see a whole show!

  7. C. Beth says:

    We don’t have cable. But we do have the networks, and a Netflix membership…and I will admit that we watch too much TV.

  8. Sandra says:

    Beth — There is soooo much good about it, but there is also alot I don’t like about it. One thing is the way it “tells” children what they need to make them “happy”.

  9. TZ says:

    I remember my dad telling me once that his dad didn’t get a TV for awhile when they first came out because he thought they were just a fad…..they did finally get one though.

  10. Sandra says:

    You know, tz, I can picture that. I’m sure it did seem like a wayyyy out there idea — moving pictures in your HOME? That idea couldn’t possibly last!! I’m sure he wasn’t alone. 🙂

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