Three’s a Crowd!


   This is a picture of my oldest sister, Betty Rose, when she was around 18. 

   This is a picture of her boyfriend/future husband Hillard at the same time — the three-years-older “college man”.

    This is a picture of the bottom of the stairs in our house — a favorite spot for Betty Rose and Hillard to sit and talk when they were dating.  The hall to the back door was on the other side of the stairs.  And the window where all that sunlight is coming in, is across that hall in the bathroom.  So, you can see there was a close proximity between the love birds’ favorite spot to roost and the bathroom just across the hall.

   This is me around the same time at about 2 years old.

I think being the only little kid in a house full of many “big people” who were always bustling around doing interesting things made me something of an observer, and, I’m told,  Betty Rose and Hillard were a specific source of interest to me.  They were dating, so they would sit around holding hands and whispering and laughing together.  Of course, I didn’t understand dating and young love, but I guess I found them interesting because I could tell there was something special going on there, so whenever they were together, I was drawn to them like a straight pin to a magnet.

One evening, during a very important time in my life, i.e. potty training, Mama had taken me into the bathroom, put me on my little potty chair, and then she had been called away for a minute so she told me to stay there on my potty.  And she left the room and closed the door.

Well, while I was in there alone, sitting and thinking, I heard two of my favorite people arrive in their favorite sitting place just outside the door!  So, (after all, I was too young to read while “sitting”, so you can understand my desire for something interesting to do to help pass the time!), I got up, pulled my potty chair over to the door, opened the door so that I could watch the love birds, and sat back down on my potty.  (I like to see this in a positive light — that I was showing an early talent for multi-tasking.) 

If you think that this paints a funny picture, let me just assure you that Betty Rose did not see annnny humor in this at the time.  She immediately marched to my “ring-side” seat in the door of the bathroom, dragged my potty chair (and me!) back to the other end of the bathroom, sat me down on it (I’m sure, giving me the  commands to “sit!” and “stay!”) and firmly closed the door as she left.

Let me just say that all of this is a story that I don’t think I actually remember myself.  I think I just remember it because it was told to me so many times in subsequent years.  So I really have no idea what my thoughts were right then and why, oh why I would voluntarily incur “the wrath of Betty Rose”, but I did — because once again  .. I got up .. pulled my potty chair back to the door .. opened the door again .. and sat down on the potty again to watch the “show”.

I doubt I even got sat down that second time before Betty Rose was in there putting me back where I belonged and calling for Mama to “do something with this child”.  Party pooper (pun intended).  She had called in “the big gun”, Mama, so that was the end of my “entertainment” for that evening. 

And the conclusion of a story that I heard many times as I was growing up.  Betty Rose actually thought it was funny … later! 

  They must not have held a grudge because they did let me be the flower girl in their wedding the next year. 

So, I guess everything turned out all right — they got married, I got potty trained, and we all lived happily ever after.

The End 

5 Responses to Three’s a Crowd!

  1. cathy says:

    Love the story! My mom taught 12 year old girls in Sunday School when I was little. They were at our house one night. I was always one to go to bed early so I was asleep while they partied in the front room. I was sleep walking and went into the front room and pulled down my pants, thinking I was at the toilet! I was also told this many times. I was very shy so it embarrassed me very much!

  2. Vicki says:

    Such a cute story!!! The photographs are wonderful! V.

  3. Sandra says:

    Cathy — Love your story! Small children are a constant source of entertainment for those around them,are they. But, I can picture some of those 12 year old girls being just shocked, as only 12 year old girls can be. I can also imagine how you family enjoyed telling a story about you that would guarantee causing you to blush. 🙂

    Vicki — I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. carlahoag says:

    Nice photos. Enjoyed seeing the one of your home’s interior.

  5. Sandra says:

    To all — it isn’t often that my mistakes make me laugh out loud, but I just read through this again and noticed that instead of BETTY Rose, I had written BETTER Rose beside her picture! Sometimes I just crack myself up. 🙂

    Carla — I’m glad you enjoyed the picture of our home’s messy dining room. But there were lots of people living there and lots going on, so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising. 🙂 I have pictures of alot of the rooms that I’ll also use if an appropriate story line comes to mind.

    btw, the one picture I wish wish WISH Mama had taken is of that bathroom. I remember the flush box was a wooden box way up on the wall and it had a long chain that hung down that you pulled to flush.

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