Mama Remembered: Ringside Seats!



 An excerpt from Mama’s book I Remember:

When we lived in Springfield, every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving there was a Christmas parade.  We lived just a block from the street it always went down, and Sandy always looked forward to it.  The last couple of years we lived in Springfield, she and her friend Phoebe Ann carried step ladders (Sandra’s note: really our dads carried them) over to the parade route and sat up on them so they could watch the parade over people’s heads.  It was always a great parade.

This picture brings several thoughts to mind. 

~ I wonder if our ladders were annoying to other parade watchers.  From the looks of the picture, either we got there really early, or most of the watchers were standing on the other side of the cars, in the street.  I think I remember that that was typical.  That was probably a sign of how much smaller parades were then.  People could stand in the street, along both sides, and the parade could still get through.  (I also remember that the street the parade was on was a main street and wider than most.)  Anyway, I don’t have any memories of people being clustered around the bottom of the ladders. 

~You’ll notice Mama was there to take a picture so I’m guessing when she wasn’t standing back to take a picture, she was standing right there between our ladders “in case we fell”.  Like little her was going to catch us! 

~I wonder if it bugged Phoebe Ann that my ladder was taller than hers.  I think it would have probably bugged me, if  the situation was reversed. 

~We seldom wore pants.  I can see my bare leg, so I’m sure we had dresses on under our coats.  But it looks like I have my hands in my pockets so it must have been cold.

~And, finally, I wonder if the true reason we moved to Indiana was because Daddy was offered a new job or if he was really just looking for a way to “get out ‘a Dodge” because he was tired of “helping” me haul that ol’ step ladder over to the parade route!

I do remember looking forward to those long-ago parades, even before we started having “ringside seats”.  

Another fond memory Mama’s book recalled for me.

6 Responses to Mama Remembered: Ringside Seats!

  1. carlahoag says:

    I never thought of taking a ladder to a parade.

    Now you tell me when I’m too old and decrepit to climb up there.

    Did I ask you to name 10 random things about yourself? Memory issues here. I meant to, if I didn’t.

  2. Sandra says:

    Wellll, Carla, I think you should start taking a step ladder to parades with you now that I’ve given you the idea. And, PLEASE, be sure to take pictures. I will definitely want to see them. 🙂

    I try to avoid doing meme’s, but since we’re new blogging friends and I don’t want to tick you off RIGHT away, I’ll do one sometime soon.

    But, I warn you, I don’t pass them on, BECAUSE I don’t want 10 people then sending similar “assignments” back to me. (Did that sound like grumbling? I’m sure you must be mistaken.) 🙂

  3. lynn says:

    How sweet that your Mama made that book. I love the ladder idea! Very clever.

  4. Sandra says:

    Lynn — Mama would LOVE that new people are reading her stories and seeing her pictures!

  5. Chrissy Witt says:

    Love, love, love Mama’s ladder idea!! Wonder if she caught on to someone else or they caught on to her???

  6. Sandra says:

    Chrissy — That’s one of those things I just don’t remember, but she was a pretty inventive person, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought up the idea herself. 🙂

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