Like browsing in a candy store . . .


. . . just as much of a treat, but without the potential calories … that’s browsing in the blogging world!

Because my lovely friend, Hilary, at The Smitten Image, made my story about A Hardworking Grandma one of her Posts of the Week, I received some comments from people I’ve never “met” before.

And one comment was especially interesting.  A comment by gaelikaa caught my interest when she said that she, like Hubby’s mother, lives in the same house with her in-laws, plus her brother-in-law and his wife!  But she went on to say that that isn’t at all unusual where they live … in India.

Who could resist following that intriguing thread?  So, I went to her blog, gaelikaa – Out of Ireland. into India, and it is fascinating reading.  I think if you visit there, you will agree. 

She is Irish but her husband is Indian and she has lived in India for the last 15 years with him and their four children. 

One of her commenters said that reading one of her posts is like reading a mini-novel, and I agree.  An excellent writer, writing about a culture very different from my own.

This just reminds me, once again, isn’t the blogging world wonderful?  There are so many interesting people and stories out there to “meet” and read about at our leisure.

And, of course, the biggest blessing of my blog world, is those of you I have come to know and call friend, both bloggers and commenters.  Thank you for becoming a wonderful part of my world, friends.

Now I recommend you go read about gaelikaa dealing with daily life in a very different culture than what most of us have experienced.  A worthwhile read.


3 Responses to Like browsing in a candy store . . .

  1. C says:

    Thanks for the recommendation–I’m headed over there now to pick out some candy! C.

  2. Hilary says:

    Gaelikaa’s posts are indeed a treat and I thank you for promoting her blog on your own. You are a dear person, Sandra. I’m glad that the two of you linked up. Thanks also for the shout out. )

  3. Sandra says:

    C — I think you’re in for a (calorie-free)treat! Almost as good as that great “chocolate cake for two” that the THREE of us couldn’t even finish! 🙂

    Hilary – I love to point out new blogs I find. Thank you again for spotlighting my post about Hubby’s family AND “introducing” me to this interesting blog. 🙂

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