I like MY blogging world, thank you!


On Thursday, my blogging friend, Beth, at C.Beth blog, did a post about some unkind exchanges on a message board that was discussing, of all things, lollipops!  I was amazed at the tone the commenters used not only about the product but about each other!  You can go here to read Beth’s post.

Reading those comments reminded me once again how thankful I am for my blogging world that is filled with bloggers and commenters who are unerringly polite and supportive to each other (and me!).

I think there may be a few reasons that have kept nasty, mean-spirited people from visiting here. 

~ One is my blogs title.  If someone is looking for smut or topics on the dark side or some topic that will just give them an excuse to rant and say unkind things to other people, I’m guessing they probably aren’t drawn to a blog entitled Add Humor and Faith.

~ I tend to visit blogs and develop friendships with bloggers and commenters who are of the same mind as me, i.e., who appreciate civility, try to see and encourage the good in others and enjoy a good story or a good laugh (or photography!).  And, I very seldom venture out onto the “big, bad” internet in general.  I have specific sites I go to to make purchases, but in general I’m very careful about new sites I visit.  In both cases, I hope that I am limiting my exposure and maybe fly under the radar in the bigger internet world.

I also watch my lauguage!  Not only will you not see swear words here (although, I do tend to use a heart-felt “crapola!” or “rats!” occasionally), but I am careful that I don’t use any specific words that might lead someone putting that certain word into a search engine to my site.  Case in point is the time I wrote about The Flasher (you can read that post here) and was careful not to use the anatomically correct word for the part he was flashing! (That was a little difficult since, after all, it was the focus of the story!)

And, lastly, twice, when I first started blogging, I got a commenter who left comments on a post  that were just a string of filthy words and thoughts.  In both cases, I just marked those comments as Spam and sent them off to the Word Press support group.  Now, it did happen twice, so obviously whatever they did the first time didn’t discourage the sick commenter, but I never heard from him after I sent his second comment to Word Press.  And THAT is one of the big reasons I will probably never leave the Word Press protective umbrella, because they took care of him for me, and I have no idea how, I just know I never heard from him again. (and also they are, without fail, kind and helpful when I ask them really dumb questions about blogging!)

So, thank you fellow bloggers and commenters for making up a wonderful blogging community in which we all can love and laugh and learn.  I am thankful for you.

(Hmmm. I just read back through this.  Is this dry as dirt?  Am I old as dirt?  Points to ponder.)

Happy Saturday!

7 Responses to I like MY blogging world, thank you!

  1. Hilary says:

    I, for one, know that my own blogging world wouldn’t be as much fun without you in it. So I’m very grateful for whatever has kept you blogging. 🙂 Keep on typing, my friend.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hilary — Thank you so much, friend. And I would say the same to you!

  3. Amy O says:

    Yes, keep on typing. I don’t think you are old as dirt or dry as dirt. Your DD or Grandchildren may. 🙂

  4. Chrissy Witt says:

    I love the positive side of the bloggy world! Keep it up, I love coming here to read what you have written and also that I can share it with my family and not “screen” it first! Keep up the great work!

  5. Sandra says:

    Amy — Believe me, if DD thought I needed to hear it, she’d SAY it! 🙂 Thank you for being a faithful reader and commenter.

    Chrissy — Your comment touched my heart. Thank you, friend.

  6. C. Beth says:

    Here I am catching up on your blog, and I see you linked to mine! Thank you! 🙂

    I have often wished Blogger had a way to block spam comments, because I deal with those. Thankfully not usually obscene, just a string of links in Chinese characters…. I have to delete at least one spam comment almost every day.

    I love my NICE blogging friends, like you!

  7. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Beth. Getting to know you and your family, including your parents, has definitely been a plus for me.

    Your report on how many spam comments you get just makes me all the more thankful that I haven’t experienced that. I hope that Chinese guy will lose your address!

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