Hidden Treasures out the car window!


On our way home from Chicago, I enjoyed one of my favorite past-times … taking pictures out the car window.  Most of them end up being throw-aways, but I like to look for color in them and then play around with editing to see what I can get.


100_5383   This picture …

100_5383fx   produced this one.


100_5382   From this …

100_5382xs   … came this.


  100_5385   I love these red plants along the highway, but just couldn’t get a picture that really did them justice.  But, editing did give me these …

100_5385c   I like this,

100_5385cs   But I like this even better.


100_5381   Definitely a throw away, right?

100_5381d    But not, in my opinion, after I played with it and got this.


I have found out that editing and cropping pictures are almost as much fun as golf and Sudoku!

If you have pictures like these that you are deleting, you might enjoy doing some creative editing first, just to see what you might get.

2 Responses to Hidden Treasures out the car window!

  1. Hilary says:

    That’s one of the fun parts of photography for sure.. getting the most out of the photos. Fun stuff, Sandra. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Hilary — My mother would be so pleased that I am enjoying this so much, and that knowledge just adds to the fun! And, friends like you who truly have a gift for photography, keep my interest high too! 🙂

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