Two Halves of a Perfect Whole


Two Halves of a Perfect Whole

Receiving love is only half of what love is.  Giving love is the other half. 

Mother demonstrates her love by raising and caring for her Daughter.

But when Mother gets older and ill, Daughter demonstrates her love by caring for her Mother.

Love given and received, as God intended.

I wrote this when I heard that Sleepless, a young friend of mine through DD and this blog, is going through hard times with her mother, who is now hospitalized.  I know that her mother has been having serious health problems for quite a while, and that Sleepless has been doing alot of driving taking her out of town for treatments.

Her mother is blessed to have a daughter like her.  But, I’m sure Sleepless would say she is only demonstrating the love that her mother first taught to her as she grew up.

The love between them, given and received, are two halves of a perfect whole.

May God bless both of them with comfort and peace during this hard time.  And His assurance that He loves and cares for them both.

My prayers are with you and your mother, Sleepless.

5 Responses to Two Halves of a Perfect Whole

  1. C says:

    Wow, what a thought…two halves and the whole! Thanks for this. So true. Wish all subscribed to it. C

  2. Sandra says:

    C — I know, my friend, if only.

  3. This was perfect. Thanks mom.

  4. Sleepless in OL says:

    What a wonderful blog you wrote and I truly appreciate it. It will make my trips and trials so much easier as I picture this in my mind and my heart. What will be hanging from my rearview mirror from now on will be a copy of what you wrote. It is truly a thoughtful prose of the Circle Of Life. Thank you.

  5. Sandra says:

    Jenny — You’re welcome.

    Sleepless– I am so glad if this spoke to you. You and your mom are truly in my prayers.

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