For the Love of Photography


Yes, I think I can say I love photography, and no one is more surprised than me.  All of the years I was growing up and Mama was taking pictures at every gathering (she was a recorder of people and events most of the time as opposed to looking for pretty pictures), I have to admit it was sometimes a little inconvenient that, whatever was going on, there would routinely be times when everyone had to stop what they were doing and gather together so that Mama could record the moment with a photograph.

But now, when I look back through all the albums of her photographs, I am so thankful that she loved photography.  It is so much fun to look at pictures of events that I have lived and even ones that were before I was alive.  But they’re all there, recorded by Mama’s faithful camera.  And, I love sharing some of those old pictures with you too.

Of course, writing a blog and wanting to share with you what I see (or what Mama saw), was what finally kick started my interest in photography, so in that vein, here are a couple shots of sky, one of my favorite subjects, I’ve snapped recently with my old faithful Kodak.




Thank you, Mama, for planting the seeds of interest in photography in me all during my growing-up years.  All these years later I am enjoying it so much and I look forward to thanking you in person when we meet again.

10 Responses to For the Love of Photography

  1. Hilary says:

    I agree, it’s nice to be able to share what you love with others. Lovely shading in that first shot.

  2. lesley says:

    Hi…our computer has had gremlins this week & managed to wipe off all our stuff Grrr! But now we’re up & running again!
    I used to hate it when my Mum got her camera out…& as a child often stick my tongue out in protest..boy would I get a telling off!!
    But now she’s not here & I look back at the photo’s I wish there were more…another lesson in life Sandra ;o)

  3. Sandra says:

    You know, Hilary, I have found foggy (very early) mornings that I think are terribly beautiful, very hard to capture, in mood, with the camera. That was a crop and a little bit of shade adjustment to try to emphasize that it was, in fact, FOG and to make it a more dramatic picture. But, having said that, I even think the editing to make a picture look its best is fun!

    Lesley — I can sympathize. I had a virus about 6 months ago that while it’s supposedly gone, there is something left that is like your gremlins who love to do little things that make me reboot, clear my cookies, etc. — just an ongoing aggravation. Bah, humbug.

    Believe me, there are some pictures in Mama’s albums that you’ll never see on here of me acting up for the camera, like sticking out my tongue. They make me cringe when I look at them now, but at the time I think that was my little rebellion to having my picture taken ALL THE TIME! Thank goodness we had mothers who were saints as well as photographers, right? 🙂

  4. Margo says:

    I like the variety you have captured. Each photo showcases an entirely different mood and feel. I really appreciate the colors in the last one with the sun’s colors reflected in the clouds.

  5. chourou says:

    Amazing,Sandy. Especially the third one looks wonderful. I’d say you do have such a special DNA for a good photographer!

  6. Sandra says:

    Margo — Thank you. When I downloaded what I had on the camera, I too noticed the variety of “moods” of the sky. If I ever get bored, there’s a good chance if I look up, the sky will be interest me, especially if I have a camera in my hand! 🙂

    Chourou — Thank you. I like the way you expressed that!

  7. Margaret says:

    Wonderful entry, I love the photos you’ve chosen to share today.

  8. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Margaret. It makes me enjoy the pictures even more when others enjoy them with me! 🙂

  9. C. Beth says:

    The clouds are beautiful!!

  10. Sandra says:

    Beth — I thought so too. God’s world really is beautiful, isn’t it. And, the clouds just blow me away with all their different looks.

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