A dependable back-up is priceless!


Just ask Jim Sorgi! Do you recognize his name?  Probably not, unless you’re a Colts fan.  He is the long-time back-up quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.  And he is a very good quarterback when he gets a chance to play.  Unfortunately, he is the back-up to Peyton Manning who hardly ever needs a back-up.

But, Jim Sorgi is always ready and very good when he’s called upon … just like my Kodak Easy Share camera.

You may remember that I dropped my new, favorite Panasonic Lumix a couple months ago, and it has been sent to the factory for repairs.  When Hubby gave it to me for Christmas, it immediately became my favorite camera because it was small enough that I could carry it in my purse.  So it became my “starter” and Kodak was put on the shelf as my back-up.

So, with my Lumix on “injured reserve”, my back-up Kodak  is off the bench (shelf) and filling  in admirably, just like Jim Sorgi does for the Colts.

Yesterday morning before sunrise, I turned on the backyard lights so that I could take some trash out, and noticed how one light was shining on these bushes and rockers.  So, I came in and got my ol’ trusty Kodak and took some pictures. 




When I get my little Lumix “purse camera” back, Mr. Kodak will go back to the shelf in a closet.  But he will do so with the satisfaction of knowing that he filled in admirably when he was called upon!

A dependable back-up is priceless.

3 Responses to A dependable back-up is priceless!

  1. Amy O says:

    I know Jim Sorgi, he played for the UW Badgers. Great dependable quarterback just like our Kodak. Love the chair pictures!

  2. Sandra says:

    Amy — I’ve always admired Sorgi. And I remind myself not to feel too sorry for him (and he certainly never looks unhappy!) because he makes alot of money just for “being prepared”! 🙂

  3. C. Beth says:

    Wow, that really is lovely. The fall colors are beautiful, and the photos have a neat, “old-fashioned” feel to them.

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