Where I saw beauty …


… he saw trouble.


When playing golf the other day I noticed this at the base of a tree.  One of my friends told me that the berries are poisonous, but I told her I wasn’t seeing it as pie material, I just loved its colors.

I brought a stem home to take a picture of it.  But, by the time I got it home it was droopy, so I put it in a vase of water to revive it before I took pictures.

When Hubby came home, he looked me up in the bedroom where I was reading in my favorite chair.  And said, “Why in the world is a weed sitting in a vase in the kitchen?”

What he saw was a pesky weed that he had grown up on the farm helping his dad fight to keep from invading the crops.

What I saw was beautiful color and graceful lines in a plant I didn’t remember ever seeing before.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

6 Responses to Where I saw beauty …

  1. Hilary says:

    I agree.. it is beautiful though I can understand where your husband is coming from. I think dandelions are attractive too – just not all over my lawn. 🙂

    A bit of Googling tells me that this is probably Pokeweed. It might be a good idea to keep it out of the compost heap when you’re done. 😉

  2. Chrissy Witt says:

    Perception makes all the difference!

  3. Beth says:

    Wow, those colors are fantastic; they don’t even look real! Beautiful!

  4. Sandra says:

    Hilary — I just got back from playing golf with the same group of friends, and one of them told me that she had Googled it and found out it was pokeweed too! She said there was another name for it too, but couldn’t remember what it was. I’ll have to ask Hubby — I bet he’ll know.

    We don’t have a compost heap, so it didn’t end up there, but we DID put it in the trash, so it may be sprouting pokeweed “babies” at the dump as we speak! 🙂

    Chrissy — Absolutely right! 🙂

    Beth — I know, that’s why I wanted a photo — the colors were sooo vibrant!

  5. Katharine says:

    My mom thought it would be nice to grow a little ivy over the retaining wall, along the basement steps. It was nice, as it softened the look of the wall and made a pretty backdrop. But eventually the vines grew all the way down to the drain at the bottom of the steps… they took root there… and up top, more roots found the septic tank and drainfield in the back yard. Not only did the ivy have to be ripped off the wall and out of the drain, but the whole back yard had to be dug up to get rid of ALL the ivy.

    So glad you identified your glorious weed before it sprouted and took over the town!

  6. Sandra says:

    Katharine — When Hubby was a very young man, before he became a policeman, he was a bricklayer. So, whenever I see ivy growing on a building, I think how beautiful it is. But, when Hubby sees it he cringes because he knows the damage it can do, especially to the mortar between bricks.

    And for the 20 years we lived at the farm, we had a well and septic system, so we can truly sympathize when we hear the damage the vine did. So pretty — but so destructive.

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