I thought it was about baseball!


If we go to a movie, it is usually with our friends Linda and Doug.  And there is an on-going mental “balance sheet” being somewhat kept in all our minds of “chick flicks” versus “manly” movies.  The guys are really pretty good sports about it, but they do give us some grief after they’ve “endured” yet another chick flick. 

Part of our problem is that the alternative to the chick flicks are sometimes filled with gratutious violence and absolutely filthy language, which none of us feel is particularly entertaining.  In fact, I feel that most of the time this language suggests laziness on the part of the movie makers, i.e., rather than working hard at expressing intense emotions with carefully crafted dialogue or wonderful camera shots of well-acted facial expressions, they just have the character spew filthy language as “short-hand” for all that.

Anyway, I read a write-up of a just-released new film called The Open Road that I thought we would all enjoy, and especially the guys because it looked like a baseball movie. 

As I recall, the newspaper write-up described the story as a semi-pro baseball player who was raised by his mother with just occasional contact with his famous baseball player dad.  But, now his mother was seriously ill and asked him to go see his dad and ask him to come to see her.

While it was obvious the story wasn’t exactly about baseball, I pictured the story about the mother’s illness and the possible re-uniting of the family all played out against a back-drop of exciting baseball games, and the rise and fall of the son’s budding baseball career.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The only scene in the whole movie that I remember was even at an actual baseball field was when “sonny” went to the empty stadium to clean out his locker because he was quitting the team.

Yes, it was a “chick flick”, not the baseball movie I had promised.

When the credits rolled, both guys silently turned and looked at me. 

I groaned, acknowledging my error in judging the movie’s emphasis, and stating the obvious, “They could have been rodeo clowns for all the difference it made!” 

It really wasn’t a bad movie, and Justin Timberlake was a surprisingly good actor as the son, but there’s no getting around it, it was a chick flick.  Sigh.  So sue me.

2 Responses to I thought it was about baseball!

  1. Hilary says:

    But.. did YOU enjoy it? And secretly.. did they? 😉

  2. Sandra says:

    Yes, Hilary, we ALL actually did enjoy it! It’s not going to win any awards, but it was a nice character study.

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