How Important is A Name?


While working at the jail, I had an opportunity to see many unusual names.  Some that come to mind are Kimothy, Jessthy and a brother and sister named Carless and Carhonda (I have always assumed their names each reflected the transportation situation for their family at the time of their birth).  And, the other place I notice a frequency of unusual names is in gossip columns about people in the movie industry — Apple is the one that comes to mind, but I probably only remember it because it is only mildly quirky — the others are so unusual I can’t even remember them! 

While we may smile at these interesting names, I have always thought that it probably makes life a little easier for a person if they are given a name that doesn’t make them constantly correct the spelling and/or be asked to explain why they have such an unusual name (of course, in Hollywood, no explanation is probably necessary … after all, it’s HOLLYWOOD!). 

However, in defense of especially mothers who pick names that may not turn out to be a particular asset to their child — they may be having to pick a name just after having had their bodies traumatized by birth, possibly having  just received large doses of drugs, and at an especially chaotic, hormonal time in their lives.

But, picking the name for a blog (as Dorothy and the Tin Man would say) is a horse of a different color.  There, the more clever and quirky the better it seems, although I have known some very understated but wonderful ones, like an old favorite that is no longer around — Simple Words I Understand. 

I was first attracted to blogs named C. Beth Blog, The Smitten Image and Cakes Wrecks because their names interested me and made me want to see what they were all about.  And, I don’t know what other names Barb at Half Past Kissin’ Time may have considered using, but I can tell you that I think she picked the perfect one because I’m sure I’m not the only one who just couldn’t resist visiting a blog with such a cute name! 

All of this thinking about names comes from a visit I recently made to a blog whose name caught my eye in a comment section — Stickhorse Cowgirls.  As soon as I read that name, I guessed that this was a blogger who might be a member of my generation, because when I was growing up stickhorses were a very common part of our play, and I think “cowgirl” is a term more frequently heard in my generation too.  I was right — C. and V. are the writers and, while younger than me (aren’t you all?), I would still consider them of my generation.  And, Stickhorse Cowgirls has turned out to be an interesting, sometimes funny and many times inspiring blog that I am so glad I first noticed because of its interesting name.

Inspired by what I’ve read at Stickhorse Cowgirls, tomorrow I’m going to write about an old friend’s long-time marriage ending and how some women, rather than curl up in a fetal position and just hope the bad stuff will roll over them, not only stand up for themselves, but  “rise above it” with humor and grace. 

If you want to “read ahead” about  C., an attorney whose husband of 39 years left her for a much younger woman, and whose MIL (yes, the mother of the man who done her wrong) is moving into a small home on C.’s property (and they’re going to raise chickens together!) go to this Stickhorse Cowgirls post for a start.

Tomorrow’s theme: Can Stupidity be Terminal?

5 Responses to How Important is A Name?

  1. Hilary says:

    Thanks, Sandra.. for both the nudge over to a well-written blog and for the mention of my own blog. As always you’re so sweet, kind and supportive. You’re a gem! 🙂

  2. C. Beth says:

    Thank you for the mention of mine too! 😀

    It sounds like C. is a very strong woman. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Sandra says:

    Hilary — I’m glad you had a clever name for your blog, so that “visit” and have this wonderful opportunity to know you. You are a plus in my life.

    Beth — You know how much I enjoy knowing you too! Regarding “C.” — if you go back and read the posts about her husband and the divorce, it is fascinating in a “let me just shoot him for you” kind of way and she has handled it all with such poise and wit. She is definitely worth reading.

  4. C says:

    Oh, my! I am so excited! Thank you for this mention and to those who commented so kindly as well. My blogging community has felt like such a support for me in an unexpecte way. I look forward to widening that circle and learning so much more about you all! C

  5. Sandra says:

    C — To me, “widening the circle” of friends is the very best part of blogging. It is a wonderful plus to life. I’m delighted that our circles now intersect!

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