What Is “Over-Paid”?


At one time, I was a fairly low-paid secretary to an insurance company Senior VP  who had very little for me to do.  So, some might say, “What a great job!  Not big pay, but not alot of work either.  Perfect!”  But, I have never been more unhappy in a job, even though it was a lovely work environment and the boss was a great guy (who was on the road for the company alot).  “Bored to tears” is an apt description of how I felt in that job.  In the six months I was there, I ended up re-typing an insurance manual, just to give myself something to do.

I left that boring but outwardly lovely job for much better pay at the major truck manufacturer in town.  There I was a humble entry-level clerk typist who had so much work to do I could barely get it all done in an eight hour day.  And, in this case, some might say, “Hey, you’re making good money, but, wow, you work hard.  Is it worth it?”

In which job was I “overpaid”?

If I make low wages, but have nothing meaningful to do, no way to contribute to the success of the company, no way to show my value as an employee, I would contend I am “overpaid”.

May you always do work that makes you feel that you are a contributor … the best feeling and the best “wages” in the world!

2 Responses to What Is “Over-Paid”?

  1. Mrs4444 says:

    I definitely feel like I get “paid” well in my job. I’m grateful that I get much more than money 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Barb — In your case, I think you have been called to teaching and can never be paid enough for the special talents you bring to teaching those troubled kids.

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