Public Accessibility Taken to a New Level!


Our Weight Watcher group meets in the clubhouse of a near-by neighborhood which is currently being remodeled. 

When I walked into the lobby of the clubhouse this week, this is what greeted me!


Now, far be it from me to second guess whomever is in charge of this remodel, but I have to wonder about the apparent new placement of the restroom. 

Although, when you think about it, and modesty aside,  it does have several things going for it … it’s verrrry convenient and there’s a large supply of reading material near-by!

Happy Thursday!  May you see some scenes like this today that make you smile, as this one did me.

8 Responses to Public Accessibility Taken to a New Level!

  1. Maddy says:

    Gosh I think I would have blanched a bit at that too. Talk about a double take……or would that be triple?

  2. Sandra says:

    Maddy — lol! Nice to hear from you.

  3. Barb says:

    When we lived on the family farm, 61 years ago, there was a ‘3 holer’ as they called it…a child sized seat and 2 adult sized seat….now that I think about it…gggggrossss! Of course it was ‘normal’ at that time…

  4. What a funny picture! There must be a photo contest somewhere you could enter this in. I think you’d have a good shot at winning 🙂

  5. chrissy says:

    Totally LOL!!! I laughed so loud my hubby wanted to know why!! That is just too funny! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Sandra says:

    Barb — We’ve become sort of “sanitized” to the old ways, haven’t we? Even when there were indoor bathrooms, there was usually only one, so limited time alone in there! 🙂

    Lynn — I hadn’t thought of that! I’ll have to look around for one. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

    Chrissy — Glad you got a laugh out of it. Believe me, the group of us who all walked in together, had a good laugh over the first sight that greeted us! 🙂

  7. Hilary says:

    I’ll bet when you realized what a cool photo opportunity it was, you felt flushed. 😉

  8. Sandra says:

    Ha, ha, Hilary. You, punster, you. 🙂

    btw, the receptionist tried to talk me and the two friends who were with me into sitting on the commodes and she would take a picture of us. But, I just felt that that would be too too tacky. 🙂

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