The Liz Taylor Dress


When DD was a senior in high school, she saw a picture of Liz Taylor in People magazine in a beautiful dress with a unique, cape-like neckline, and she told me, “THAT’S the dress I want for the prom!”

Of course, she was confident she could say that because we knew and loved the wonderful Rosemary, seamstress par excellance.  And Rosemary loved DD and I knew she would do her best to replicate the dress from the picture for her.  And Rosemary certainly didn’t let us down.  She did a beautiful job.

So, for her senior prom, DD didn’t have to worry about whether someone else would show up in the same dress, because hers was an original. 

liz-taylor-dressx  We always referred to this dress as the Liz Taylor dress.  (I can’t find a full length picture, but it was tea length.)

And, of course, the Liz Taylor dress was worn with the infamous cookie cutter!

liz-taylor-dress-and-morganx  DD even wore it to a college dance once … probably just to show her dad she was getting good value for his hard earned dollars that had been spent for a very special dress she just had to have!

Ah, proms … the “date” decision, the deciding what to wear, the hair decisions, the angst.  Fun, but nerve-racking, whether the attendee or the mother of the attendee!

Happy prom planning mothers and daughters!

2 Responses to The Liz Taylor Dress

  1. Beth says:

    Oh, how great to have a seamstress who could recreate a dress like that! It’s beautiful. I love the color.

  2. Sandra says:

    Beth — When I was writing this I was trying to remember what the color was of the “real” Liz Taylor dress, and I THINK we tried to match it. It really was beautiful material. And Jen really did enjoy having a unique dress. Fun times.

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