Drawers, Drawers . . .


. . . wonderful drawers.  They organize the “stuff” behind cupboard doors!

When we moved to this house, my friend Candy made a suggestion that I thought was a good one about organizing storage space.

So, I bought plastic drawers to organize space in several places in the house.

100_1037   In a cabinet in the kitchen.  The large drawer on the second shelf holds spices.  The two smaller drawers on the third shelf hold baking supplies.  (btw, I know the tops of the smaller drawers look like they’re drooping, but they just have rounded fronts that make them look that way in the picture.)

100_1039   Even though it’s not a drawer, this is a little two-shelf unit I also added in the space at the bottom of that cabinet to hold wraps and bags.  One of my sisters-in-law likes to tease me about my life-time supply of these products.  It’s true.  I get to the grocery and forget which ones I might need, so I buy some, just in case. 

p10101471   In a cupboard in the bathroom, we have three large drawers.  I’ve never had a bathroom cabinet that wasn’t perpetually messy, but the drawers corral the messiness and make it easier to find things!

p10101331   So, this week,  in my slow, slow progress in spring cleaning, I took on the space under my sink.

p1010134    I had already decided that I would apply the “drawer technique” in this area now.  So I bought two small drawers, because they had to be low enough to fit under the pipes. (I do think I’ll keep my eye out for a large, flat drawer that could replace these two — better use of the space, and more substantial.  I can always find somewhere else to use these two, if I find one.)

  p10101361   When I tried them, I could tell that they were probably going to slide around, so …

p10101381   I looked around for items I could use to stabilize them.  I had a small blue basket that had been used for storage in this space before, so I put it in the back to discourage them from sliding backwards.  Then, I also needed something in the bottom to help keep them in place.  What I decided I needed was some of that rubbery, waffley stuff, but I didn’t have any on hand.  But, I did have this mat that was made out of it in the fruit drawer in the refrigerator!  So, I used that.  I’ll get another one for the frig next time I think of it — it was needed worse in here right then!

p10101421  And then I put eveything back.  Done.  Better!

By the way, I talked to Candy the day after I did this and told her I had been mentally thanking her for suggesting using plastic drawers for organizing things when we moved here.  She acted surprised and said actually what she had been talking about was a metal system with drawers that replaces shelves in a cupboard.  Hmmm.  Well, Candy, you still get the credit, because this is what I thought you meant!

And now, on to the closet! (Do you sense I’m putting off the closet?  You’re right.)

2 Responses to Drawers, Drawers . . .

  1. Hilary says:

    Great idea! I’ve used those plastic tubs for my linen closet .. and baskets, but never really thought of them for the kitchen before.. or for under my bathroom sink. Off to the dollar store I go.. soon. Thanks for an always-enjoyable post – no matter the content.

  2. Sandra says:

    Hilary — I’m delighted if I’ve given you an idea you can use! 🙂

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