Creative People Throw Interesting Parties!


Okay.  So, I got an invitation to a “granny” party.  It said to bring a gift to be auctioned off at our school’s  Gala … one gift per carload.  Reminds me of the special nights they would have at the drive-in movies when we were teenagers — one price for as many people as you could pack into a car! 

Well, we are past the “packing” a car phase, but I did invite four friends who are grandma’s for a “comfortable car-full”, and told them the invitation said to wear a solid color, like black , blue or brown.

100_4878r1   Cheryl and Candy seated; Belinda and Barb behind them.  We are nothing if not rule followers, so we all wore black, although I couldn’t resist adding a scarf.

Because I had discovered the Peony Tea House a few months before, I suggested that our gift be a “tea party” for two.  (See yesterday’s post if you want to see what was in it.)


The event was hosted by Nancy, Paula and Cheryl B., who are also the co-chairs for this year’s Gala fundraiser for our Lutheran school.  This grandma’s night was held at A Party Apart, a business owned by Cheryl B.and her husband.  Their party planning and supply business is in a big brick building downtown which contains their warehouse and showroom. 

p10004291   The party was in the showroom, but you had to walk through the warehouse to get there.  As we got further into the warehouse, it was an interesting place all by itself.

p1000423111    Can you picture planning a party that required calling A Party Apart and saying, “I need abut 15 ft. of fence with grapes “growing” on it for my party!”?

p10004241   Or would you plan a party the other way around … by looking through their warehouse for inspiration, falling in love with a “look” and using it as your theme.  “Come to our Statue-in-Niche-at-End-of-Bridge Party.”

p10004251      We were intrigued by this knight in shining armor.  In fact, someone (believe me, I didn’t volunteer!) said, “Stand over there by him while I take your picture.”  What was I thinking that I let her have my camera?

p10004261   Note to self:  Not an attractive look and, besides, jutting your jaw out does not make you closer to the kiss target!

Then we arrived at the showrooms where the party was held.  I worked on a charity committee with Cheryl B. one time and quickly learned that her head is full of creative ideas just waiting to be fully realized.  So I wasn’t at all surprised that her showroom shows her eye for creativity and “presentation.”

p10004071p10004101p1000384 p10004091p100040311p10004051p100040111p10003882

We had been instructed to wear a solid color, because they had “booths” set up and wanted us to be “blank slates” to try new things  …

p1000387    like trying on lots of different, and some very unique, glasses frames …

p100036811  p100036711    and trying on, and possibly buying, of course, jewelry from a very high end local shop, 

p100036712   the jewelry lady even had a full-length mirror and a black-clad mannequin so that you could see the jewelry on …

p10004161    and having your make-up done …

p100041412    and having your hair styled.  (That’s one of my sisters-in-law in the chair.) 

All of the booths were busy all evening.

The food was great and here are some of the items that were unique. 

p10003831  There was a potato bar.  Chafing dishes of both white and sweet potatoes, martini glasses to put them in, and then a variety of toppings to put on them.  I have never eaten potatoes out of a glass, and definitely not out of a martini glass! 

p10004211  This “tower” had little square glasses of many different flavors of mousse.  And small enough servings that you could at least try two kinds.

p10003851   There was a bar, or …

p10004201  you could have citrus-permeated water.

In the middle of the evening, the three hostesses gave away some door prizes.

p10003691    Our hostesses, Nancy in black, Cheryl B. in green and Paula in white.

One of the names they drew was Jane’s, and she was in the process of having her hair styled, so …

p10003662  This fuzzy picture is the only one I got of Jane accepting her prize, half-way through her styling, but this is particularly funny because Jane is a very dignified, put-together lady, who, I’m sure, has had very few people see her hair anything but perfectly coiffed, so now a whole bunch of us have!  But, she was a good sport about it …

 p100036713  … and she did check to see what she’d won, before getting back to hair business.

Some people shots.  If all these women are grandma’s, grandma’s are definitely getting younger looking!

p10003731   Paula sets a high standard for how “white haired grandma’s” should look!


p1000390   My other sister-in-law who was there is facing the camera, while talking to Belinda.


p10004221   Here’s Jane after being “styled.”  Darlene on the left was styled too.  In the background is Jo, who is an artist and I’ll show you the picture she painted for the auction in a minute.  But, first I want to point out that my friend, Cheryl, is standing next to Jo.  Well, I think Cheryl’s standing.  She looks so short, I’m thinking she’s on her knees.  (Sorry, Cheryl.  I just couldn’t resist saying that!)  Believe me when I tell you that anything Cheryl lacks in height, she makes up for in personality.  I’m not sure what you call her job, I know she went to radiology school, but she does mammograms.  I bet she makes that sometimes-unpleasant experience alot more fun for her patients.

Here is the gift table.  There was a container to the left for monetary gifts.


 p10004082   This is the painting Jo painted and donated.  I love it.

It was a fun evening.

On our way out, through the warehouse again, Cheryl made a pass at the Knight.

p100042811   But, he didn’t seem to notice her.  So, sorry Cheryl, I guess he’s just not into you!

A good time for a good cause.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

3 Responses to Creative People Throw Interesting Parties!

  1. Beth says:

    Now, that party looks like a great reason to become a grandma. Think they’ll still be doing it in 20 or 30 years?

  2. Hilary says:

    That sounds and looks like it was an absolute blast! You did a great job of reporting and capturing everything on camera. I have no doubt the evening was a resounding success. There were some very clever and creative organizers in the planning of that do. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    Yeah, Beth, they’ll probably be doing it in 20-30 years, but not with the same people! 🙂

    Hilary — I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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