I Want One of These!

January 19, 2009



About 20 years ago my brother-in-law in Georgia, who was an Engineer with Lockheed before he retired, built this building next to their house with the help of his son, Mark , and future son-in-law, Roy. 

When we were recently visiting there, and staying in the apartment upstairs, Roy told me that helping BIL build this all-purpose building was one of his first memorable experiences with the interesting guy who was going to be his father-in-law.  Roy was just in his early 20’s and about to marry BIL’s daughter, when  BIL made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  He told Roy that if he would help build this all-purpose building, BIL would then help build a house for the newlyweds.  Roy agreed, not only because he would get help building his new home, but because he liked his future father-in-law and brother-in-law, so he was sure it would be fun to work with them. 

Roy said that he had never helped build anything  this big before, but even he was pretty sure you should have a blueprint.  So, he was totally shocked when the way they built it was each day when they started to work, BIL would show Mark and Roy a plan for that day’s construction that he had sketched the previous evening on a piece of notebook paper!  Twenty years later, and Roy is still amazed at the great structure that was the result (and at all he learned about construction from his fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants engineer father-in-law while building it).

On the ground floor, besides the two-car garage, there’s also a storage area.  Upstairs, there is a complete one-bedroom apartment, including even a washer and dryer, and a large separate room that was originally planned for storage.  But that room has now become “the dining room” for family get-togethers because, with five children, spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, their family now numbers about 30.

p1000230   By the way, since the family were going to have Christmas dinner in the meeting room, and it’s a very basic room with no architectural interest, two of the daughters got together and made this “fireplace” to add to the “atmosphere.”  I thought it was very clever. 

So, in conclusion, we had a great time staying in the apartment, and I’ve told Hubby I’d like for him to build a building   j.u.s.t  l.i.k.e  t.h.i.s  in our back yard.  Think of the storage!  And how great would it be to have a totally separate apartment to offer guests when they visited?  I just “covet” (yeah, I know you’re not supposed to do that) all that space.  But, when I say I want one, Hubby just smiles.  I know what that means.  It’s not going to happen (for one thing, it would realllly screw up our view of the lake!).  But, I can still wish.

She is with Jesus, and Jesus is with Me

January 18, 2009


Occasionally my friend Linda leaves a particularly wise comment on a blog I have written.  She should really write her own blog, but until she does, I will occasionally share one of those comments with you.

Linda left the following comment on my post There She Goes, Here She Comes.  I love the mental picture she draws, and I hope if someone is mourning the lose of a loved one they will find it comforting. 

. . . I often think back to a time when a dear couple in our church were parted by death. The husband, speaking of his wife’s home going, said “Mary is with Jesus, and Jesus is with me.” It gave me a mental picture of Jesus walking with them, the man on one side of the Lord and the woman on the other.

We feel grief when we are separated from a loved one at death, even though we know that we will be reunited in Heaven later if we are both trusting in Christ’s sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins.

I can’t help thinking that the Father must have felt a similar sense of loss when He was separated from His Son during Jesus’ time on earth, even though there was the expectation that they would be reunited at the completion of the Son’s mission on earth.

Wise words, Linda.  Thank you for sharing them.

I Humbly Accept these Awards

January 17, 2009


Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin’ Time (my all-time favorite name for a blog) has given me this award.   Thank you so much, Mrs. 4444.  I appreciate it very much.

And, my lovely daughter, Jenny at Chased by Children has given me one too!  Thank you, daughter of mine.  You are special and so is receiving this award.




Sorry, Mickey, but Mice are NOT cute!

January 16, 2009


While catching up on some of my favorite blogs today, I read this post by Carla at Four by Forty about her cat Griffen and his “mouse duties.”

Warning:  If you are easily upset by the real-life adventures of living in a house where there are mice, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!  Or, just drop down to my last post and read about outhouses.  (Now that I’ve said that, I’m thinking, “Is this what my life has come to?  Blogging about icky mice and old outhouses?  How pathetic.”)

Anyway, reading Carla’s post made me think about our mouse problem in the old farmhouse, and a couple of unusual happenings.  Twice we found dead mice in unusual places.  Once, we found one floating in a toilet (with a closed lid).  Gross, I know, but I warned you.

The other time, Hubby and I came home from an evening out and found a dead mouse laying in the middle of the kitchen floor, not close to anything — not even under a light fixture or the ceiling fan.  The dog was in the kennel outside and we had not put out any poison, so we have no idea what happened to him.  I’m assuming he just got old and croaked mid-stride while crossing our kitchen floor!  At least he gave us the courtesy of not dying inside a wall like some of his kissin’ cousins did on occasion.  I won’t even go there!

I’ve mentioned before some of the specific conveniences I appreciate since we moved to this much newer house 5 years ago — especially an attached garage and even heat in all rooms, but I would just add to that how thankful I am that we now live in a house with NO MICE! 

One other memory about mice.  Our first house was an old one too, but in town.  I was baking in the kitchen one evening and just caught a glimpse of a tail going under a cabinet, and I freaked out!  Hubby immediately went to the nearby grocery and got a mouse trap, but by the time we went to bed, it hadn’t been caught yet.  I knew that for sure, because I faithfully checked the trap about every two minutes.  So, I told Hubby I just didn’t think I could go to bed knowing that wild animal was loose in our house!  Gunny was a baby then.  What if it attacked the baby!

Hubby, always thinkin’, put my mind at rest.  He told me that mice couldn’t climb steps (our bedrooms were upstairs).  Ahh, okay, then I could at least sleep in peace if I didn’t have to worry about it coming upstairs.  I know, I know — young and dumb.  But, hey, it worked. 

I don’t remember how long it was before I found out that mice, in fact, could get  a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e  t.h.e.y  w.a.n.t.e.d  in a house through the walls.  But, I do know that Hubby’s quick thinking allowed me to sleep well that night.

Ignorance doesn’t just equal bliss.  Sometimes it equals sleep too!

The Duplex

January 15, 2009


I should have suspected something was wrong when the rent was so cheap on the “cozy, rustic duplex” I rented sight unseen.






Seriously, it had to have been a really creative mind that came up with this design for an outhouse that we spotted in our travels.

Three Competitive Men I Love

January 14, 2009


100_4837d  Gunny, Hubby and Jay

The men in our family are competitive, no doubt about it.  I can remember Gunny arm wrestling my dad and what a thrill it was for him the first time he beat his Grandpa.  

Arm wrestling is sort of a family tradition — a right of passage for a young man.

 100_4834f  So, it was inevitable that while we were there, an arm wrestling competition would break out between Jay and his Grandpa.

100_4835g   Jay is a strong young man, but it will take him years to beat Grandpa.

And Grandpa gave him an idea of how long he thinks it’s going to take Jay to beat him.

Jay said:  “I’ll beat you someday!”

Grandpa said:  “Yeah, you will.  But after you do, make sure they put my arm back in the casket before they close the lid.”

Competition isn’t the only thing we love — we also love a good punch line!