Help me Here … Why Attend a Class Reunion?


I went to a committee meeting at Candy’s the other night.  We are having committee meetings every few months now in preparation for our 45th high school class reunion this coming  August.

There were six of us there, Barb, Becky, Candy, Cheryl, Kay and me (our only male committee member, Jerry,  was out of town — the one who is so good at reminding us we’re getting off track).  Barb, Becky and Cheryl are the relatively “new blood”  that is much needed for a committee that has been meeting every five years forever

The hotel is booked and the program and menu will be planned closer to the time.  But there are always two items that we have to work on now:  finding addresses and/or e-mails in order to contact classmates, and, once we’re in contact with them, convincing more of them to attend!

I am always amazed at the number of classmates who even still live in this area, but never attend the reunions.

I think there are probably three common reasons that people don’t attend:

1.  They hated high school and have absolutely no interest in being reminded of anything associated with it. (There’s not much we can do about this one.)

2.  If their friends from high school aren’t going to be there, they don’t think they will have a good time.

3.  They are afraid they won’t look as good or be as successful as the other attendees.

It’s the last two that I wish we could somehow convince them are non-issues.

Regarding number two:  Hello?  It’s been forty-five years!  Who the heck remembers everyone they were friends with in high school?  At this point, you are getting together with people who have common memories of your teenage years.  There is something so fun about sharing memories of a favorite teacher or a memorable hang-out, even with someone who you didn’t know very well then.  (And, since most of us have really bad memories by now, we’ll be able to compare the same memories at our next reunion in five years, and neither one of us will remember, so it will be like a new conversation! 🙂

And, number three.  At 63 years old — we are all waaaayyyy past caring about that “looks” and “career” stuff.  Yes, there are some who are more “well-preserved” than others, but there are many more of us who  just look like what we are … people in their sixties!  And, you know, at this age, everyone is friendly and glad to see everyone else, and there’s hardly any talk about “careers” because most of us don’t have one any more!  So, if  you smile and look like you’d like to have a conversation, someone will feel “invited” by that smile, and strike up a conversation with you.  I’d bet on it. 

So, now dear readers, here’s my request of you.  Becky, one of the “rookies” who has really taken to this reunion stuff, suggested that in our initial mailing, we have a fun list of “Top Five Reasons You Should Attend the Reunion.”  I think that’s a great idea and I know there must be some terribly clever things we could put on that list, I just can’t think of them.

So, how about helping me look “brilliant” to my fellow committee members for our next meeting, by giving me any ideas you have for reasons we could put on that list?

I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas you might have.

11 Responses to Help me Here … Why Attend a Class Reunion?

  1. This is interesting timing, because my class is about to have its first reunion (10yrs). As it happens I can’t make it, but even before I found out the date I was struggling to think of reasons to go. I don’t fit into any of your three categories: I loved school; I’m perfectly at ease in a room full of strangers; I’m very happy with my life & looks. But I simply have so many other things to do which I have more reason to commit to.

    So I’m probably not much help, but if I was going to do a list like that I think it’d help to make it quite specific, things like “who else remembers [some popular craze]?”, “who else remembers being told off by [the most notoriously strict teacher]?”, or “who else understands the trauma of having to wear [most embarrasing item of uniform]”. But I have no idea what was big in your school.

  2. Beth says:

    A class reunion is a GREAT excuse to go shopping for new clothes!

  3. Candy says:

    Great article! I think we should just send this out!

  4. Barb says:

    I’ve taken a ‘small’ survey at work and this is what they had to offer…..
    …your high school sweetheart may be available now…
    …to see who lived up to the prediction of how they would turn out….
    …to see who is still around….

  5. Sandra says:

    Rachel — Thank you, your suggestions are exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for! Sorry you won’t be able to go to YOUR reunion. They really are fun! 🙂

    Beth — “You betch’um Red Rider.” 🙂

    Candy — Hmmm, that would put alot of responsibility on me. If we had a horrible turn-out, you’d probably all blame ME! 🙂

    Barb — yeah, and so that they can find out who else has died? 🙂

  6. Barb says:

    Sandra – yeah, my boss has a VERY wierd sense of humor!

  7. Hilary says:

    To see how the old boyfriend/girlfriend turned out.

    To get new readership to your blog. 😉

  8. Sandra says:

    Hilary — Wellll, that stuff about the blog is a GIVEN. I’ll be sure to take a large supply of my cards. As for how the old boyfriend turned out, I, at least, KNOW that of course because I married him! 🙂

  9. Brownie says:

    Just finished our 40 yr, best reunion yet! We are planning a yearly gathering each June until our 45 yr reunion. We have planned and will be having small informal gathering as the mood hits us… One this week-end. Bonfires seem to be our rally cry.
    Not sure why people don’t attend. Still working on inviting people…. and trying to contact those that are missing….Personal contact and phone calls out of the blue have worked for our class.

  10. Sandra says:

    Brownie — Wow! I clicked over to your site, expecting a personal blog and was amazed to find myself at a website set up just for your class! How cool is that!! I can see why you would have good attendance — you’ve developed an interesting place for everyone to keep in touch in between (and, of course, with your monthly get-togethers too). Good work! (

    btw would you be interested in being traded to the New Haven High School Class of ’64? There might be a signing bonus in it for you if you play your cards right! 🙂

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