Georgia Sky


You probably know if you have read here very long that I love, love, love looking at the sky.  Well, on the morning we left Georgia recently, a really powerful storm came up and the sky gave us quite a “show.”    So here are some photos from a “member of the audience” on that January morning.














If your budget’s tight these days, and you’re looking for free entertainment for your children, with maybe a discussion about weather, as well as a perfect opportunity to  talk about God’s presence all around us thrown in, I have a suggestion for a place to look . . . up!

9 Responses to Georgia Sky

  1. Chourou says:

    Hi,Sandy. Good morning from Japan(It’s about 8 a.m. at local time). You are such a good cloud watcher that the photos you take are always facinates me! And your suggestion! Very nice. Appreciateing it, I thnk I can make a great start of Sunday today.

  2. Beth says:

    Beautiful!!! It reminds me…Arizona has incredible sunsets and I haven’t looked at one the whole time I’ve been here. Tomorrow in the early evening, I need to look up!

  3. Sandra says:

    Chourou — I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and the sentiment. Happy Sunday.

    Beth — I have to confess that I wasn’t much of a sky watcher when I was raising children — couldn’t take my eyes off those little ones for a minute! 🙂

    One of the nice things about retirement is that I have plenty of time to look up!

  4. Love your sky photos. That blue is sure blue!!

  5. Sandra says:

    Lynn — I though the contrast of the colors — the blue sky and the really dark clouds — what spectatular.

  6. Amy O says:

    I’m behind in your posts. It has been chaotic here. It will calm down in about 2 weeks. Love the pictures as usual! So glad you had a good trip.

  7. Sandra says:

    Hi, Amy! Nice to hear from you!

  8. Shanda says:

    What stunning skies! Most of the time the only way I can spend time looking at the sky is when I have the little ones laying down on the ground looking at it with me!

  9. Sandra says:

    Shanda — I hope your children will remember laying on the ground looking at the sky with you — a wonderful memory for them to treasure, and maybe do with their children!

    One of the reasons I love looking at the sky, is that I have fond childhood memories of laying in the hammock on warm summer nights with my dad , and him pointing to and naming different stars and constellations. Then just laying there and having such a wonderful feeling of being surrounded by that beautiful night sky. Wonderful memories that are worth passing on!

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