She is with Jesus, and Jesus is with Me


Occasionally my friend Linda leaves a particularly wise comment on a blog I have written.  She should really write her own blog, but until she does, I will occasionally share one of those comments with you.

Linda left the following comment on my post There She Goes, Here She Comes.  I love the mental picture she draws, and I hope if someone is mourning the lose of a loved one they will find it comforting. 

. . . I often think back to a time when a dear couple in our church were parted by death. The husband, speaking of his wife’s home going, said “Mary is with Jesus, and Jesus is with me.” It gave me a mental picture of Jesus walking with them, the man on one side of the Lord and the woman on the other.

We feel grief when we are separated from a loved one at death, even though we know that we will be reunited in Heaven later if we are both trusting in Christ’s sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins.

I can’t help thinking that the Father must have felt a similar sense of loss when He was separated from His Son during Jesus’ time on earth, even though there was the expectation that they would be reunited at the completion of the Son’s mission on earth.

Wise words, Linda.  Thank you for sharing them.

12 Responses to She is with Jesus, and Jesus is with Me

  1. Mrs4444 says:

    It’s so difficult to reach the depths of a mother’s grief (I’m thinking of Molly). Hopefully, these words will one day reach her.

  2. Sandra says:

    Mrs. 4444 — I hope she will find true peace too.

  3. Beth says:

    That is wise and beautiful.

  4. How can we tempt AL into her own blog? Her comments on my blog are often better than the post (except when she corrects my spelling, ahem). Maybe if we came up with a snappy name she could be enticed. What do you think?

  5. Linda says:

    I don’t usually go around correcting people’s spelling; but, really, Jenny, did you want people to think you wore black because it was “sliming?” (Smiles)

  6. chrissy says:

    her words are so very well placed. Purposeful! Time for her to start a blog, I’d follow!!

  7. Sandra says:

    Beth — I really loved the picture of them connected through Jesus.

    Jenny — Good idea. Let me know when you come up with a good title, and I’ll whine until she uses it.

    Spelling Patrol — She cheated. She corrected the spelling.

    Chrissy — Amen.

  8. Jeannette says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Eirena is our biological daughter. So this will be our first adoption- what a trip! I personally think pregnancy (for me) was easier. This is totally God-led.

  9. What a wise way to look at death. Great mental picture. I hope I remember that.

  10. Sandra says:

    Jeanette — Sorry I misunderstood. My best wishes for you and your husband in your effort to complete your adoption of a sibling for your beautiful little girl.

    Lynn — I thought so too.

  11. SleeplessInOL says:

    Sorry but I needed to add my two cents for Aunt Linda’s blog how about


  12. Sandra says:

    That is a GREAT suggestion, Sleepless. If she loves it too, maybe that will get her started!

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