Sorry, Mickey, but Mice are NOT cute!


While catching up on some of my favorite blogs today, I read this post by Carla at Four by Forty about her cat Griffen and his “mouse duties.”

Warning:  If you are easily upset by the real-life adventures of living in a house where there are mice, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!  Or, just drop down to my last post and read about outhouses.  (Now that I’ve said that, I’m thinking, “Is this what my life has come to?  Blogging about icky mice and old outhouses?  How pathetic.”)

Anyway, reading Carla’s post made me think about our mouse problem in the old farmhouse, and a couple of unusual happenings.  Twice we found dead mice in unusual places.  Once, we found one floating in a toilet (with a closed lid).  Gross, I know, but I warned you.

The other time, Hubby and I came home from an evening out and found a dead mouse laying in the middle of the kitchen floor, not close to anything — not even under a light fixture or the ceiling fan.  The dog was in the kennel outside and we had not put out any poison, so we have no idea what happened to him.  I’m assuming he just got old and croaked mid-stride while crossing our kitchen floor!  At least he gave us the courtesy of not dying inside a wall like some of his kissin’ cousins did on occasion.  I won’t even go there!

I’ve mentioned before some of the specific conveniences I appreciate since we moved to this much newer house 5 years ago — especially an attached garage and even heat in all rooms, but I would just add to that how thankful I am that we now live in a house with NO MICE! 

One other memory about mice.  Our first house was an old one too, but in town.  I was baking in the kitchen one evening and just caught a glimpse of a tail going under a cabinet, and I freaked out!  Hubby immediately went to the nearby grocery and got a mouse trap, but by the time we went to bed, it hadn’t been caught yet.  I knew that for sure, because I faithfully checked the trap about every two minutes.  So, I told Hubby I just didn’t think I could go to bed knowing that wild animal was loose in our house!  Gunny was a baby then.  What if it attacked the baby!

Hubby, always thinkin’, put my mind at rest.  He told me that mice couldn’t climb steps (our bedrooms were upstairs).  Ahh, okay, then I could at least sleep in peace if I didn’t have to worry about it coming upstairs.  I know, I know — young and dumb.  But, hey, it worked. 

I don’t remember how long it was before I found out that mice, in fact, could get  a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e  t.h.e.y  w.a.n.t.e.d  in a house through the walls.  But, I do know that Hubby’s quick thinking allowed me to sleep well that night.

Ignorance doesn’t just equal bliss.  Sometimes it equals sleep too!

11 Responses to Sorry, Mickey, but Mice are NOT cute!

  1. Linda says:

    I used to live in a house trailer, and house trailers are notorious for having mice problems. I also was never an impeccable housekeeper. I remember one time, after I had given the place an uncustomarily thorough cleaning, I came home from work to find a mouse, dead in the middle of the kitchen floor. I always figured he was so shocked at the cleanliness of the trailer that he died of a heart attack.

  2. Sam says:

    I’m glad you said your current house doesn’t have mice. I would be afraid they could crawl through your blog to the internet and end up here! Funny post. Thanks, Sandra!

  3. Sandra says:

    Linda — I love that story, and I think it’s the first time I’ve heard it. Hmmm, isn’t it interesting that we have both had mice die in the middle of our kitchen floors. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with our cooking! 🙂

    Sam — Nooooo mice here, and I love it. 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    Silly girl. You know it couldn’t have anything to do with my cooking since I don’t cook!

  5. Sandra says:

    Oh, yeah. I forgot. 🙂

  6. Hilary says:

    I’m one of those people who think mice ARE cute! I’ve only ever caught 3 mice in my house. All years apart from one another. The first two were in live traps. A bit of peanut butter of cheese, a frequent check of the trap and out he went into the park nearby.

    The last one was just a couple of of months back. I actually caught that one by hand. I was just as shocked as he was. He was underneath my cats’ water dish, which made its way into the middle of the kitchen floor. The poor thing was wet, traumatized and disoriented. It seemed frozen to the spot at first, then slowly made its way toward my sliding doors. It was in no hurry, so I picked it up (something I probably wouldn’t have done, if I had given it more thought) and my son opened the door for me and I placed it on my lawn. Then I spent the next several minutes scrubbing my hands, the bowl and my floor. 🙂

  7. Sandra says:

    Hilary — Your comment demonstrates what I’ve come to believe about you — that you have a kind, gentle heart.

    Our mice must have been on steroids, compared to the one you describe — they were never tentative and scared — they were always quick, inquisitive, plentiful and dirty. I’m sooo glad I don’t have to deal with them any more.

  8. I used to have mice as pets, they are very sweet when they’re house-trained but it’s not nice to have wild ones running riot.

    This post which I read a few days ago might be related to the toilet incident.

  9. Sandra says:

    Rachel — I read that post — verrrrry interesting! So, we think that mice sometimes commit homeowner-assisted suicide by throwing themselves into said homeowner’s toilet?! I do have to say that, if that is the case, apparently only about 1 in a 1,000 choose that way, or we would have had it happen more than once, considering all the mice we had. 🙂

  10. George says:

    They can still climb through the walls to reach the upstairs. Did you guys use any traps in the old house? I guess there weren’t Victor Multi-Kill traps or any good electronic mouse traps yet. Just regular snap traps.

  11. Sandra says:

    George — By the time we left the farmhouse, we had the more modern traps, but for many years we jut used the old “snap traps”. Disgusting! I’m soooo glad we’re done with that! 🙂

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