The Ice Storm, Part 2 — No Lights!


Friday was an interesting day.  Our friends, Bill and Pat, were having their annual Christmas party that evening and I had offered to bring a layered tex-mex dip.  So, I started making it first thing in the morning, so that it would have all day in the frig for the flavors to blend. 

100_4410x  Then the power went off at about 6:30 a.m., as I was in the middle of making the dip.  Luckily it doesn’t involve too much reading, because I know the recipe pretty well.

 100_4408sf  Hubby first helped me with my lighting dilemma with this flashlight aimed at the ceiling to diffuse the light.  It helped, but very little.


 100_4409d  So then, he brought in this bad boy as a reinforcement, again, aiming it at the ceiling.

100_4412g  It certainly was better than total darkness, but really not ideal conditions for “cooking.”  Luckily, the recipe didn’t require any actual “cooking” because our stove is electric.

100_4427f  Of course, when I use the flash on the camera, it gives a false impression of how much light there is.

100_4428g  So here’s a picture, without the flash, of the kitchen with only the light from the two flashlights.  It was starting to get light outside — that helped too.

100_4453d  I had the refried bean layer, the guacamole layer and the sour cream/mayo/taco seasoning layer already in the dishes.

100_4429f  Luckily, I have this nifty difty really automatic can opener that is battery powered, that my sister gave me, so no problem opening the can of black olives.

100_4442d  Now it got a little trickier.  While the black olives drained in a strainer in the sink, I began chopping the tomatoes and green onions with a knife.  Have I mentioned that Hubby keeps our kitchen knives very sharp?  Usually a blessing, but in semi-light, dull knives would have been more reassuring.

100_4452f  Fortunately there was no accidental severing of digits, and the next layers were successfully drained and chopped.

100_4457g  I added each of them in order.


 100_4459e  And then topped it all off with more cheese than the recipe calls for, because we really like cheese — so we assume anyone eating this will too!

I covered the dishes and put them on the counter in the very cold garage, because I didn’t want to have to open the refrigerator unless absolutely necessary. 

With this little job done, we called our friends Linda and UD and asked if they wanted to go with us to try to find a restaurant that had power, so that we could have breakfast.  They live in a small town not too far away and they had power and the restaurant near them was open, so we agreed to come out there for breakfast.  And, that way, we could also see some of the results of the ice storm on the way.  I’ll do a post with pictures of that trip another day.

When we returned from breakfast, our power was back on!  Wonderful!  So, we lived the rest of our day normally, although we knew that there were still parts of the city without power.

We didn’t get a call from Bill and Pat that they were canceling the party, so we assumed they had power and we went over there at the appointed hour. 

But we had underestimated their “the party must go on” attitude, because they didn’t have power!  Luckily, their stove is gas, so they were able to cook on the stove top, and their solution to no lights was to get out every candle they owned and put them everywhere (I was impressed by how many candles they had — we’re talking hundreds)!  It was absolutely beautiful!  (Although, I quickly realized I needn’t have bothered wearing my new hot pink sweater over the black turtleneck that I had debated  with myself over — the plain black one or the one with a silver thread in it.  All for naught, because it was way too dark for anyone to notice what color sweater you were wearing, or whether the black turtleneck underneath had a silver thread in it or not!)  And, even though they didn’t have heat, the body heat of the guests made the temperature very comfortable.   So, it was a great party, and it was one of those times when I wished I had thought to bring my camera!  This is an annual party, but I’m pretty sure, this is the one hosts and guests alike will always remember — the party of a thousand candles!

p.s.  I’d normally give you the recipe for this dip, in case you don’t have it.  But I’m not going to (although you can pretty much “see” the recipe from the pictures!), because I thought it tasted too strong of the green onions this time, so I need to experiment a little and either use less green onion or change to a milder onion before recommending it.

8 Responses to The Ice Storm, Part 2 — No Lights!

  1. Beth says:

    Oh, what a beautiful party! I would have loved to have been there. I haven’t made 7-layer dip in a long time and it sounds so good right now. A long time ago I made a recipe of it with tiny little shrimp as one of the layers–yum!

  2. Hilary says:

    Layered dip is always a treat. I’m sure your friends love it. And perhaps the intimacy of a candle-lit party will become tradition. I too, wish you had brought your camera.. but there’s always next year. 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    Oh, Beth, I love the idea of putting the tiny shrimp in that dip! I will definitely try that. Were all the other ingredients the same as what I used?

    Hilary — It was a wonderful party, lots of “atmosphere.” But, Hubby had lunch with Bill today (Monday), and they are STILL without power! I’m guessing the charm of it all is beginning to wear off!

    If they make the candlelight a tradition, you can bet I’ll have my camera with me next year.

  4. I’ve never seen a layered dip like that, I really do want the recipe when you’ve perfected it! 🙂 I would probably use red onions anyway, I usually do…

  5. Sandra says:

    Rachel — Are red onions considered less strong than green onions? I really like the color of the green onion though. I thought I’d try just plain ol’ white onion next time.

  6. I don’t think we have specific green onions over here, red onions are the mildest kind that we have, a lot milder than the white ones (which can be actually green sometimes). I hope that makes sense, I’m a bit addled at the moment. 🙂

  7. Beth says:

    Sandra–I don’t remember…but I think you can pretty much do whatever you want with 7-layer dip (including cheating on the 7-layer part!) and it’ll still be good. 🙂

  8. Sandra says:

    Rachel — I’ve decided the next time I make it I’m going to use just the green part ofthe green onions, because I think the white parts are the strong part. I haven’t made this in a while, so am having to kind of remember how I did it.

    Beth — I LOVE a recipe like that! 🙂

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