“My Grace Is Sufficient for You . . .


 . . . for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  2 Corinthians


When something tragic happens in our life, it is always hard, but in the end, we have to make a decision if we are going to wallow in our self-pity and ask God, “Why me?”, or if we are going to rest in our faith and let God show us how we can not only live through our grief, but learn and grow from the experience.  The following letter is an example of the latter.  Our nephew David and his wife, Tiffany, lost their twin sons  in June, and their Christmas letter is a chronicle of that journey.

Dear Family and Friends,

In Christ alone my hope is found; He is my light, my strength, my song
This Cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love, what depths of peace
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
My comforter, my All in All, here in the love of Christ I stand

No guilt in life, no fear in death, this is the power of Christ in me
From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny

No power in hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll stand

This year has been the most difficult year of our lives.  However, this year we have experienced love in a way that we have never had before.  We have experienced God’s grace in unfathomable ways and have realized how precious life is.  We have realized that everything belongs to God.  The devil and this sinful world cause deep pain and anguish but, God’s peace flows through all of it.

In February we received the most amazing news that we were expecting identical twins.  For the next 18 weeks we fell even more in love with our sons.  Christopher was very energetic and loved to dance and wave anytime we had an ultrasound.  Connor was very laid back.  He often sucked his thumb and played with his ear.  Our sons were beautiful in every way.  They were small versions of their father.  They had his nose, eyebrows, lips, hands and even his legs.  The boys were head to head in the womb and often looked as if they were kissing.  They loved music and would dance and move when they heard it.

On June 1st, God took our sons home to be with Him.  It was an unexpected delivery and unfortunately the boys’ lungs were not developed enough for them to live long.  They went straight from the warmth of our arms to the loving arms of their Heavenly Father.  The first time they opened their eyes they saw Jesus in all His glory.  They were only apart from each other for two hours.  We had the boys baptized at the hospital.  We also had a beautiful funeral service, which was full of music.  The theme of the funeral was Jesus’ Little Lambs, which we put on their tombstone as well.  We grieve their deaths and the death of all our dreams as their parents.  In all the sadness we have experienced, we are also thankful that God allowed us to know them for eighteen weeks.  The imprint that they left on our hearts will last forever.  We have an eternity to know and hold them in heaven.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards.  Receiving those every day helped us get out of bed and begin each day.  Thank you to everyone who gave gifts and memorials to Central’s Pre-school Fund.  We hope that because of our sons’ short lives, hundreds of children will hear the Gospel at the age when it is most important.

We hope this Christmas season you are able to appreciate how important every moment of life is and how significant Christ’s birth was.  Because of a baby born in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago, our babies get to spend eternity in heaven.  They have no sadness or  pain.  They never had a reason to cry.  We look forward to the day when we can hold our sons again.  It will be a wonderful reunion!

We love you and pray that God will bring joy in 2009.

Love, Tiffany and David

2 Corinthians 12:9-10,The Lord said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest in me.  That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weakness… in hardships… in difficulties.  For when I am weak, then I am strong! 

May God bless you with faith in Him that is made even stronger through the hard times in your life.

11 Responses to “My Grace Is Sufficient for You . . .

  1. cathy says:

    I’m so thankful that God gives grace to us in dry seasons. Many say they could never get through the death of a child, let alone two! And that is very true; but with God’s grace, we indeed can, as portrayed by this couple. Praise God for the testimony given here. They will be in my prayers – I’m sure their hearts are still breaking — but so very tender to God. Thank you for sharing this letter with us.

  2. Amy O says:


    This is a beautiful testimony. I lost my 2nd daughter at 18 weeks, my 4th daughter at 10 weeks, and my 5th daughter at 8 weeks. All three were due to unknown causes. I have lived the pain and still do live the pain but what gets me through the day is knowing I will see all three of them one day in eternity. When I lost my last daughter I found two Christian Songs helpful. It reminded me of the importance of my journey, If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens and Brave by Nichole Nordeman. I also realize my losses only help my parenting. I believe I appreciate my children more in the sense when they are driving you crazy, I quickly step back and realize what it could be if I didn’t have them. Then I change the tempo and change the situation. I hope that all make sense. Please let your niece know that I will pray for them.

    Merry Christmas,


  3. Mrs4444 says:

    Incredible; their faith is inspiring.

  4. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Cathy.

    Amy — I knew you would be able to relate to this post. You are a strong, inspiring example in your own right.

    Mrs4444 — As soon as I read this, I cried. And, then I knew I needed to post it. You can never tell who may read it, who needs to hear these words.

  5. Tab Calhoun says:

    With tears in my eyes, I don’t know what to say.

  6. Beth says:

    Wow. What a testimony. My heart grieves for them but I also love the thought of Jesus being the first face Connor and Christopher saw.

    I’m all choked up.

  7. chrissy says:

    Amazing! Simply amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this. Isn’t amazing how faith can be stretched through the things we can’t even imagine.

  8. Sandra says:

    Tab — That was my first reaction too. But, then I knew I wanted to post it, and asked their permission to do that, because it IS so poweful a witness to how faith can sustain us through hard times.

    Beth — I think probably alot of tears were shed while they were writing this too. When I talked to David at church and asked if I could post it, when I told him I had cried when I read it, he said he did too.

    Chrissy — I like the visual picture that we “stretch” our faith as it grows. Well said.

  9. I think it would be hard for anyone to read this without shedding a tear, but it is an inspiration to see how the family is coping with such a difficult time. Thank you.

  10. Sandra says:

    Rachel — Yes, I find them inspiring too.

  11. […] wrote a post called My Faith is Sufficient for You a year ago last Christmas about our nephew and his wife losing their twin baby boys at […]

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