Simple, But Perfect


At Christmas we celebrate Christ coming into the world.  He came in the most humble of circumstances, with a few common shepherds gathered around.  But, while simple in appearance, the birth was the single most important birth in the history of the world!  Simple, but perfect.

On a cold, windy day, in an old cemetery way out in the country, my old friend Steve left this world in a humble graveside service surrounded by less than a dozen people.  We sang and prayed and the pastor told us about Steve’s strong faith and thankful heart, undeterred by his disabilities.  And, because we knew that he had finally been released from his suffering here on Earth and was now strong and happy in Heaven, the service was a celebration.  Simple, but perfect.

No human being who has ever lived on the face of the Earth, no matter how rich, has had a more perfect passing than my friend’s humble service.  Because those attending knew for certain that he was in Heaven now and had seen the face of God.

Thank you Heavenly Father for Your Son, Jesus the Christ, who came into the world to save us sinners so that we could leave the world with the assurance that Jesus will welcome us at Heaven’s gate, put his arm around our shoulders and declare, “This is one of mine.”

Simple, but perfect.

8 Responses to Simple, But Perfect

  1. Tab Calhoun says:

    I’m sorry about the passing of your old school chum. I read the post below about the fun you had together in drama. Isn’t it true that even though years passed since you last saw him, that fun time is still happening in your memory and heart.

    And yes, simple can be absolutely perfect.

  2. Sandra says:

    Tab — So true. The person who I saw in the casket was a stranger. Steve is still 18 in my mind and memories. I was glad I went.

  3. Sam says:

    Since God numbers our tears and stores them in a bottle, Sandra, I will keep a gallon jug handy when I read your blog. Thank you.

  4. Sandra says:

    If this one touched you, Sam. Stand-by for next Sunday. Our nephew and his wife lost twins a few months ago (their first pregnancy), and his wife wrote the most beautiful Christmas letter I have ever received about that. I asked them, when we saw them at church this morning, if I could base a post on it, and they agreed. I’m tempted to not even edit it — just post the whole thing because that young lady was heartbreakingly eloquent — a wonderful Christian witness.

  5. C. Beth says:

    I have tears in my eyes–what a wonderful way to picture my homecoming, with Jesus’ arm around my shoulder.

    Next week’s sounds like it will be very touching.

  6. cathy says:

    Thanks for continuing the story – I almost felt like I was there…

  7. Amy O says:

    I’m speechless. What a wonderful tribute to on old friend. As a mother who has lost 3 children in pregnancy (mostly 2nd trimester losses), I’m very interested in next Sunday’s post.

  8. Sandra says:

    Cathy — Of course, that is the ultimate compliment — that you felt like you were there. Thank you.

    Amy — What a strong Christian woman you are. I’m sure you have witnessed to many others with how you have handled your three losses. Jenny has many great friends, but I’m especially glad I’ve gotten to know you through your regular (bless you!) comments here. Thank you.

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