How Do You Know You Might Be A Micro-Manager?

November 22, 2008


While we were in Tulsa, Hubby and Gunny had the following conversation:

Hubby:  Well, the girls have their day planned.  What are we going to do today?

Gunny:  I don’t know. Mom hasn’t told us yet. 


I guess that’s how you know.

I raised a couple of comedians.  I guess it’s inevitable that sometimes I’m the punch line!

Sharing Ideas with Fellow Bloggers

November 21, 2008


I am far, far from being an expert on blogging, but it has occurred to me that these two ideas that have struck me recently might also be of interest to other bloggers.  So, I guess this is a “for what it’s worth” post.

1.  First, I have started writing down ideas for posts as I read other’s blogs.  I’ve always tried to write down ideas that occur to me whenever, but I have just recently started specifically keeping a pen and paper handy when reading and commenting on other blogs.  Sometimes the idea for a new post will come from my comment on the post, if not the post itself. 

Case in point, Staci, wrote this post about what makes a reader and she then makes the connection from that to being a writer.  It’s very interesting, but what specifically caught my attention was a quote from sociologist Shirley Brice Heath, “Simply being a ‘social isolate’ as a child does not, however, doom you to bad breath and poor party skills as an adult. In fact, it can make you hypersocial.”

Ms. Heath’s quote triggered a memory for me that inspired my comment: 

“This reminded me of when I was nine years old, and had just moved to a new city with my parents (late life baby, so all siblings were grown and out on own). The sense of isolation was profound in my new neighborhood and school. I do remember doing quite a bit of reading to fill the void where friendships had been, but I also remember thinking, “I had better really work at making new friends, or I’m going to be lonely forever!” I know I wasn’t shy before the move and had had a fair number of friends, but I do think that move made me much more outgoing.  Ever since then, I have always been very open to new friendships, and I think that is a direct result of experiencing that awful loneliness as a 9 year old and finding out how painful it can be.”

After I wrote that, I thought, “I may write a post about that move being a turning point in my life.”  A thought that I’m not sure would have occurred to me, if I hadn’t read and commented on Staci’s post.

2. Secondly, I’ve had cards made.



Not fancy, and a “life-time supply” (at least for a 62-year old!) of 200 was less than $25 at Office Depot. 

I got tired of mentioning my blog to someone (which I do do when the opportunity arises), and then, if they asked how to get to it, one or the other of us having to dig a pen and some scrap of paper out of our purse or pocket to write down the address.  This is much easier and more professional looking.  Also, I think this card is much more likely to make it out of the purse or pocket of the person and onto the computer desk than a hastily scribbled address written on a scrap of paper would be.

By the way, if either of my children are reading this, don’t get me cards for Christmas.  I already have a whole bunch.  But, I would love to receive a little business card case.  It might do a better job of reflecting that professionalism I’d like to project than the rubber band I’m using now!

Just a couple of thoughts from a blogger who is just learning as she goes.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You . . .

November 20, 2008


. . . Happy Birthday, Dear Jennifer, Happy Birthday to You!!  God’s Blessings to You, God’s Blessings to You, God’s Blessings, Dear Jennifer.  God’s Blessings to You!

 Today is our daughter, Jennifer’s birthday.  So, here are a few pictures to celebrate the event!

jen-in-braids Here is her first grade school picture that I always thought was so cute.  Notice her perfectly cut bangs?  That’s because when her bangs got too long, I would trim them by laying a piece of scotch tape across them and then cutting along the bottom of the tape.  As an adult, she teases me about that method, but, hey, it got the job done! 

jens-first-grade-b-day-party-1We had a party for her bithday that year and invited the girl’s in her first grade class.

jens-thirteenth-birthday-cake-0011I can only assume my mother must have been out of town for DD’s ninth (oops, I mean “tenth” — I see another candle flame  down in  right corner) birthday, because she always made pretty birthday cakes for us, and that definitely isn’t one of hers!   I don’t think I did too badly on the lettering but that “festive” border, not so good.  (I hope Cake Wrecks doesn’t read my blog!)

jens-thirteenth-birthday-cake1DD’s thirteenth birthday was a memorable one, not just because she was becoming a teenager, but because . . .

jens-thirteenth-birthday-flowers. . . she received her very first flowers from a florist, sent to her by one of her aunts who lived out of town.  She was thrilled!

Happy Birthday, Jennifer.  We love you and are proud of you.  You are a great mommy to your own three little girls  — and have NEVER cut their bangs, using the tape method!  But, it’s okay.  You can be a good mommy without doing everything I did! 

Love, Mom and Dad

It’s All There In Black and White . . .

November 19, 2008


. . . and, in the case of these pictures, sometimes in sepia too.

Some pictures from the trip had interesting lines going on in them that I liked best as black and white or sepia.






I like my new “favorite” in sepia tones too.


 We make faith so complicated sometimes.  But, if we faithfully study the word of God, it’s all there in black and white too. 

He said it.  I believe it.  Amen

One Photo Was Worth 356 Tries

November 17, 2008


I took 356 pictures on our trip to Tulsa.  Lots of them were throw aways, but I got some that weren’t too bad so I’ll share them on posts later.

Ah, but there was one picture.  One picture out of 356 that is my favorite, and made all the picture-taking worth it for me.  I hope you like it too.

Man In The Clouds seems like an appropriate title for it.




In case you wonder how “I did that.”  I didn’t.  It was an accident.  This is the original picture.


I was taking pictures of clouds, as I like to do.  And, one of the problems of taking pictures from inside a car is that sometimes I get a reflection off the window I’m taking the picture through of things inside the car.  So, when I got home and was editing the pictures, the first thing I thought about this one was, “Shoot, I got a reflection.”  Hubby’s reflection in the window had “spoiled” the cloud picture.  Then, it occurred to me that that reflection might be the best part of the picture!  So, I cropped it to just that and enhanced the color a little.  And got a picture I love.

I’ve come to believe that photography, for me, is a combination of opportunity, luck, fresh batteries and the law of averages — the more pictures I take the more chance I have of getting a good one!

Want to Be Part of a Christmas “Walk?”

November 17, 2008



I have participated in and also been just a viewer in many Christmas home tours or “walks” over the years, and they fascinate me.  It is so much fun to see how others have decorated their homes. 

But now there is an opportunity to tour homes decorated for Christmas — on your computer.  How cool is that!  Unlike “real” tours, you don’t have to commit a Saturday during the season that you are busiest.  Instead, you can just “visit” a few homes whenever you have time.  It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.  

For the last two years, Boomama has hosted an internet Christmas home tour.  I really enjoyed looking at many of the homes last year, and this year I plan to actually participate.

So, go here, and read about it, and maybe you’ll want to participate too!

Is Today Like Any Other Day?

November 16, 2008


I had a little bit of a scare yesterday.  Hubby started getting some bumps on his face yesterday morning that we were pretty sure were hives.  For most of the day, although they were gradually getting worse, we kept thinking the Benedryl he was taking would kick in at some point, and they’d start going away.  But in the evening it seemed like they were getting worse more quickly, and by midnight he was swollen all over — even his ears — and his eyes were in danger of swelling shut.  I kept asking him if he was having any trouble swallowing or breathing, but he said he never did.  Thank you God for that.  But, at midnight he had to decide whether to go th bed or go to the Emergency Room to see what exactly was going on and if they could give him some relief (besides the discomfort of the swelling, the hives itched like crazy).  So, we decided it was prudent to go to the Emergency Room, because, frankly, the swelling had gotten so bad that I was afraid for him to go to bed, for fear the swelling would hamper his breathing while he was sleeping! (Side note: Yes, he did insist that he could drive to the hospital.  It’s such a guy thing.) 

Long story short, the doctor at the ER said that the antibiotic (amoxicillin) that Hubby had been taking for the last week for his cold/flu/whatever had caused the hives.  In fact, she said that antibiotics are one of the most frequent causes of hives!  Who knew?  They gave him a 10-minute IV and we could actually see the hives getting better before we left the hospital.  This morning he is 99% better, with just a little swelling left under his eyes.  He just has to take a couple prescriptions for the next few days to finish off the treatment.  Thank you, God.

100_1125 Hubby a few months ago when he didn’t have hives!

Even when an event like this is as minor as this one turned out to be, it reminds us how quickly a happy, healthy life can change.  It also reminded me of an e-mail I received from a blogging friend a few days ago.  In it she told me about the serious illness of a man who is very dear to her. 

“Last week he suffered a massive stroke in his brain stem which caused a rare condition called Locked-in Syndrome. He is paralyzed from the neck down, but his mind is fully functioning. He can communicate with his eyes. Sandra, he’s the smartest man I know and to think of him in this condition is heartbreaking for all who know him. I don’t mean to burden you with this sadness, but I know you, like me, believe in the power of prayer and in miracles. If you could say a prayer for him, I’d be so grateful.”

” Give your husband a big hug just as soon as you see him next. One thing I’ve learned from this situation is that life can change in an instant. We mustn’t take anyone for granted.”
I am sharing my friend’s message in hopes that you will say a prayer for her and her friend too, and also so that her healt-felt words will remind us all to appreciate the relationships around us each day.
We can learn from our yesterdays, but we can’t relive them. 
We can plan for and pray about our tomorrows, but we can only live them when they become “today.”
This is a day like no other.  It is the only one we can live.  
May God grant us His grace and faith and humor and love to make TODAY the best it can be.  And give us peace that He will guide our tomorrows.