Winter’s Coming and Birds are Going . . .


100_3070e1 We had our first snow this week.  Winter’s coming. (Time to put away the deck furniture and cover the grill!) 

100_3071e1 And, apparently migrating birds don’t need to watch the weather channel to know.  We suddenly have huge flocks of greese and ducks coming and going every day.

100_3542e1 The geese and ducks are either using our lake as a “staging area” to start their journey south or we’re a stop-off for them as they’re passing through.  While I assume there is some organization to them, it isn’t obvious to me. 

100_3534e2 They mill around for a long time, and look at me and my camera, like “What are you looking at?”  Of course, I’m waiting for them to take off in large majestic flocks that I can photograph.  But, they are too smart for that.  They know I’ll get cold or bored and go in eventually.  And their patience is rewarded — I go in the house and they take off!

So, most of the pictures I have of them aren’t the wonderful skimming-over-the-water-and-then-soaring-into-the-air,-barely-missing-the-roof kind of pictures I would like. 

100_3255e2 Although I did manage to fool these three into thinking I was going in, so they took off when I was actually able to get a picture.  But, not exactly the “flock flight” I had invisioned. 

The “flock” pictures I do have are the wayyyy up in the air kind that I get when I hurry out when they are already on their way.



100b3200e1This one looks a little like they’re trying to decide who’s going to lead.  I know that feeling.  Hubby and I have that same discussion sometimes!

I am enjoying learning photography, even when the subjects aren’t particularly cooperative.

May you have a blessed Sunday.


9 Responses to Winter’s Coming and Birds are Going . . .

  1. Beth says:

    What a great thing to witness! One of the fun parts of reading blogs is that I can “experience” thing I don’t actually get to see in my neck of the woods.

    Now if there was just a way to spread the terrible cedar juniper pollen we get this time of year, to all of my blogging buddies. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Beth — Thanks for offering to share some of your local outdoor “flavor.” As fun as “the terrible cedar juniper pollen” sounds, I think we’ll pass. Of course, if you feel strongly that you want th share it, we could always do an exchange. In return we could send you some of the goose “residue” that is always left behind! 🙂

  3. cathy says:

    Wow! This is something I’ve never experienced – seeing all the birds mirate. I love the pictures! You do a beautiful job captivating wonderful scenes.

  4. Sandra says:

    Cathy — We have lived here four years now, and this is the first year I have really paid attention to all this going on, because of my new interest in photography. Taking pictures has made me so much more observant. As we drove to church this morning, I told Hubby AGAIN, “I’ve GOT to remember to start bringing my camera on Sunday morning!” We drive to church on a highway at about 7:30 am, and that early morning light is so beautiful for pictures anyway, but also along the route there are horses and farms just “begging” to be photographed!

    It is amazing to me how my search for photo opportunities has enhanced how I really SEE things. I consider that a definite plus! So, it’s nice to have you enjoy some of the pictures too. Standby for horses! (if I EVER remember to take my camera on Sunday morning!)

    In Boston yet? Four years ago our daughter and her family lived in that area for about a year — in New Hampshire, just north of Boston. We LOVED the area and the people! Hope you have a great time!

  5. Hilary says:

    It seems to me that you captured some pretty decent in-flight photos. It IS hard to get them to cooperate. I’ve been trying to get a shot of a heron taking off for 2 summers now. It’s not that they don’t occasionally cooperate.. they have to do so when my camera settings are set for the direction in which the fly! Lovely shots!

  6. Sandra says:

    Amen, Hilary. If my camera times out or the batteries suddenly fail, that’s when a really great shot tends to present itself! Lot’s of missed shots, but I assume (you would know this better than me since I’m a novice) that’s normal? I’ve been trying all day today to get good shots of them walking around on the ice, preparing to leave. But, when they all took off about sundown, I didn’t get any good shots. Bummer! 🙂

  7. Sam says:

    Unlike my wife, I grew up watching the birds migrate, but don’t get to see it much now. These great pics brought back wonderful memories. Thanks, Sandra, for reminding us of the ingenuity and beauty of creation.

  8. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Sam. I’m glad these brought back some great memories for you.

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