Is Today Like Any Other Day?


I had a little bit of a scare yesterday.  Hubby started getting some bumps on his face yesterday morning that we were pretty sure were hives.  For most of the day, although they were gradually getting worse, we kept thinking the Benedryl he was taking would kick in at some point, and they’d start going away.  But in the evening it seemed like they were getting worse more quickly, and by midnight he was swollen all over — even his ears — and his eyes were in danger of swelling shut.  I kept asking him if he was having any trouble swallowing or breathing, but he said he never did.  Thank you God for that.  But, at midnight he had to decide whether to go th bed or go to the Emergency Room to see what exactly was going on and if they could give him some relief (besides the discomfort of the swelling, the hives itched like crazy).  So, we decided it was prudent to go to the Emergency Room, because, frankly, the swelling had gotten so bad that I was afraid for him to go to bed, for fear the swelling would hamper his breathing while he was sleeping! (Side note: Yes, he did insist that he could drive to the hospital.  It’s such a guy thing.) 

Long story short, the doctor at the ER said that the antibiotic (amoxicillin) that Hubby had been taking for the last week for his cold/flu/whatever had caused the hives.  In fact, she said that antibiotics are one of the most frequent causes of hives!  Who knew?  They gave him a 10-minute IV and we could actually see the hives getting better before we left the hospital.  This morning he is 99% better, with just a little swelling left under his eyes.  He just has to take a couple prescriptions for the next few days to finish off the treatment.  Thank you, God.

100_1125 Hubby a few months ago when he didn’t have hives!

Even when an event like this is as minor as this one turned out to be, it reminds us how quickly a happy, healthy life can change.  It also reminded me of an e-mail I received from a blogging friend a few days ago.  In it she told me about the serious illness of a man who is very dear to her. 

“Last week he suffered a massive stroke in his brain stem which caused a rare condition called Locked-in Syndrome. He is paralyzed from the neck down, but his mind is fully functioning. He can communicate with his eyes. Sandra, he’s the smartest man I know and to think of him in this condition is heartbreaking for all who know him. I don’t mean to burden you with this sadness, but I know you, like me, believe in the power of prayer and in miracles. If you could say a prayer for him, I’d be so grateful.”

” Give your husband a big hug just as soon as you see him next. One thing I’ve learned from this situation is that life can change in an instant. We mustn’t take anyone for granted.”
I am sharing my friend’s message in hopes that you will say a prayer for her and her friend too, and also so that her healt-felt words will remind us all to appreciate the relationships around us each day.
We can learn from our yesterdays, but we can’t relive them. 
We can plan for and pray about our tomorrows, but we can only live them when they become “today.”
This is a day like no other.  It is the only one we can live.  
May God grant us His grace and faith and humor and love to make TODAY the best it can be.  And give us peace that He will guide our tomorrows.

28 Responses to Is Today Like Any Other Day?

  1. Linda says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Hubby is better, although I WAS hoping for a picture with the bumps in full bloom.

  2. Sandra says:

    I have to admit it did cross my mind to ask if he minded me taking a picture, but I thought better of it. I decided he wouldn’t think that sounded very caring! :

  3. Beth says:

    Very appropriate post for me; I have really been thinking of this lately. A woman in the mommy/kids play group I’m in lost her husband, which means a little girl also lost her father, last week. I don’t know them well, but it did hit me kind of deep, because he died of a pulmonary embolism. My husband had a PE after his brain surgery almost two years ago. We found the PE because he had pneumonia that was causing chest pain…so the pneumonia very well may have saved his life. It reminded me that a couple of years ago, it could have easily been me losing my husband–his life was spared twice, with his brain abscess and his PE. I am so thankful and want to appreciate him more every day, because you’re right–things can change in an instant. Thanks for a wonderful post.

    By the way, I am allergic to the “cillin” drugs too.

  4. Pam says:

    So glad to hear that your hubby is better *can I just say WOW he has some blue eyes!!!)

    you friend… I feel for her. hopefully she has good friends close by to help ease her burden….

  5. Sandra says:

    Hi, Pam. I think he has great eyes too, but I may be a little prejudiced. 🙂

    Re. my blogging friend. I hope she has close friends too, but she’s a verrrry private person so I don’t know how much she would lean on them. I know she would appreciate your prayers.

  6. Sandra says:

    Beth — Wow, have you and TE been through alot. I can see why you have alot of empathy for other’s hard times. It’s obvious that you have a positive attitude though, and I think that helps so much.

  7. SBW says:

    Thank you, Sandra, for this post. People praying for each other makes a difference, I know it in my heart and soul.

    And oh my goodness, your husband is handsome.

  8. Sandra says:

    Thank you, SBW. I believe prayer makes a difference too.

  9. Danielle says:

    I am so glad that your DH is ok, reactions can be horrible. What a scare for the both of you.
    A positive attitude is a wonderful gift, working in oncology for me sure makes me live each day like it’s my last. It is so very true….your life can change in an instant…

  10. Sandra says:

    Amen, Danielle. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of lives changed in a short time in your job.

  11. THIS is how I get information these days. I innocently wander over to my mother’s blog and find out that my father had a trip to the ER. Nice.

    Ummm….I can’t help but being reminded of Dad’s favorite quote of Rosemary. Whenever someone tells him he’s handsome he quotes her by saying, “Lord help me, but it’s true.”

  12. Sandra says:

    Well, Jen, I would have definitely let you know if it had turned out to be anything more serious than hives! But, if you’d like, next time I’ll call you in the middle of the night so that you can lose sleep worrying needlessly! 🙂

    btw, I need to point out, for anyone else reading this, that that line of Rosemary’s he quoted was definitely a joke. He doesn’t have a conceited bone in his body.

  13. Lyndsay says:


    So glad to hear that everything has been resolved. We had a lovely ER trip this weekend too. The fun just doesn’t end sometimes, does it? 🙂


  14. Amy O says:

    Glad he is o.k.. I woke up one day swollen, learned I am allergic to farm raised salmon. The dye the salmon to make them pink and I’m allergic to that dye. I will pray for your friends.

    Am I off on this put does Princess Mimi have your hubby’s eyes?

  15. Sandra says:

    Yes, Lyndsay, ER trips are always “exciting,” Hope yours came out as well as ours did. 🙂

    Amy — I’ll keep that farm-raised salmon tip in mind when buying salmon.

    Thank you for your prayers. I know they will appreciate them.

    You are right about Mimi’s eyes. They definitely come from Hubby’s side of the family. His cousin has a daughter who is now around 40, but when she was a little girl, she looked exactly like Mimi!

  16. Sometimes it really comes home to me how quickly life can change. You’re absolutely right; we have no guarantee of anything but this moment.

  17. Sandra says:

    Amen, Princess. As the saying goes, “Live today as if it were your last.”

  18. Sandra says:

    Amy — I was telling Hubby what you said about his granddaughter who inherited his eyes, and I realized you said MIMI. Hmmm. I was talking about Lulu when I said that she got her eyes from his side of the family. I will have to look at Mimi’s eyes again to see the resemblence you’re talking about. It’s so hard to tell who looks like who!

  19. Hilary says:

    I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t too serious. Make sure he stays off of that particular kind of antibiotic in the future as second exposures can be much worse.

    Best thoughts to your friends and hers.

  20. Sandra says:

    Hi, Hilary — I told him what you said, and he said he’s not sure that this ISN’T a second exposure. He had hives once before, which also might have been the result of antibiotics. Why knows. We’re just very thankful it wasn’t any more serious. And, believe me, we had the druggist put a note in his file to avoid that class of antibiotic! Thanks for your word of caution.

  21. omahs says:

    Thank the Lord that your hubby is okay. Great post, as we never do know what is going to happen. One day at a time. I have realized that it is so important to not let things go unsaid. Let your loved ones know all the time how much they mean to us. Praying for healing of the friends, friend who is paralyzed. It is so hard to watch someone go through that. God Bless. Love your blog.

  22. Sandra says:

    omahs — thank you so much. I don’ believe you’ve ever commented before, so I’m glad you joined in the discussion! Speak up more often. I love it when we “discuss” a post. 🙂

  23. naylahknee says:

    Thank God he is much better – my grandmother had hives and she was in so much pain! Bless you!

  24. Sandra says:

    naylahknee — He says it has been the worst pain he has ever expeienced. He really is just today starting to feel the pain has lessened. Thanks for stopping by and for your concern.

  25. Daydreaming says:

    I have a magnet on my refrigerator that sums it up for me. It says, “Life is fragile. Handle it with prayer.” I always welcome a reminder of what is important in my life. It is my faith and it sure is prayer.

  26. Sandra says:

    Daydreaming — I really like the sentiment on your magnet. It’s true, we can all use reminders.

  27. Mrs4444 says:

    After a lifetime of taking antibiotics, my husband had a serious allergic reaction to one when he was home alone. The fool drove himself to the hospital, even as he was experiencing double vision and starting to have trouble breathing! Fortunately, the fix was easy and quick, so now we know not to take anything with penicillin in it. Glad your hubs is okay. I’m praying for your friend’s friend…

  28. Sandra says:

    Mrs4444 — I’m glad to hear that, after the initial reaction, the fix was pretty simple for your husband. Not, so with mine. It’s been suggested that this must not be the first time he’s had a reaction to the “cillins” because “it’s always much worse the second time.” So, we are assuming the first time must have been so mild that we didn’t recognize it for what it was. He has just in the last couple days felt like he was getting over it. We definitely won’t ever forget to tell any medical person, “HE”S ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN!” from now on. Lesson learned the hard way.

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