Ah, Fall


I played golf yesterday with two friends, who were surprised to see me put my camera in my golf bag.  I told them I wanted to get pictures of the beautiful red berry trees at the back of the 9th green.  They said, without me even asking (!), that that was fine, as long as I wasn’t going to be taking pictures of them playing golf.  Hmmmm.  Welll, I may have had that thought in the back of my mind, but I was most interested in just getting some shots of those berry trees and this beautiful Fall day.  So, no pictures of golfers, just of the golf course.

I have no idea what kind of trees these are, but they are just full of red berries, which I assume must be poisonous because I would think birds would be all over them if they weren’t.  And I didn’t see one bird near them.

The trees are beginning to turn, the air was cool, and it was just a perfect day to be outdoors.

I like the old barn that the golf course uses as their maintenance building.


Especially the doors.

But, I hear it’s going to be torn down and replaced.  I understand that as a practical business decision, but in my heart, I wish it didn’t have to happen.

Everything in this picture was just pretty much green, so I like it best as a black and white which I think emphasizes the pretty shadow.

Golf, or any outdoor activity, can be very relaxing, if you don’t worry excessively about your score, and just enjoy being outside in the fresh air with enjoyable companions.

May you find a reason today to be outdoors and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

p.s.  The one thing I truly miss is the smell of burning leaves, which used to be so common this time of year. 

19 Responses to Ah, Fall

  1. Beth says:

    That barn is awesome, and it totally stinks that they have to take down the doors! Love the trees, too; I don’t think we have those here.

  2. Sandra says:

    Beth, I didn’t mean they were going to tear off the doors — I meant they’re going to tear down the barn! Apparently, it’s no longer “structurally sound.”

  3. Hilary says:

    I guess it costs less to build a new one than to stabilize this one.. that’s a shame. Lovely photos . . . we’ll just have to imagine the party-pooper golfers. 😉

  4. Sandra says:

    Hilary — They are attractive women so I have no idea why they didn’t want their pictures taken, except maybe they felt leaning over to hit the ball didn’t present their best “side!” 🙂

    Unfortunately, you’re right that it probably costs less to build a new building than to save that lovely old barn, but I hate it that that is the case. The barn has such character.

  5. Beth says:

    The whole barn?! Even more of a travesty! And a tragedy! And I tried to think of more “tra” words but couldn’t.

  6. Sandra says:

    Yeah, it’s a tra . . ., tra . . ., tra-shame. It may not be a word, but it fits.

  7. Chourou says:

    I think your photos posted to the blog are so nice,Sandra.
    I like playing golf,too.;my score ends up always bloody terrible though.

    I stopped by your blog by chance the other day, and since then I’ve followed,and unexpectedly have had a good time to read your articles.
    I’m afraid English is not my mother tongue,so there must be something strange in the sentences of my coments here and there,from the grammatical or spelling point of view…

  8. Sandra says:

    Hi, Chourou — I’m glad you’ve started visiting. Your English may not be exactly the way American’s say it, but you do very well, and I can certainly understand what you mean.

  9. SBW says:

    I can’t tell for sure by the pictures, but I think those are hawthorne trees. You can eat the fruit, but they aren’t good (in my opinion).

    We have hawthornes near me and I’ll see if I can get a picture of them tomorrow. 🙂

    The second picture of the doors is really wonderful!

  10. chrissy says:

    Amazing pictures and I sure loooove the beauty of hoping to get more pictures. I agree the barn is amazing and the trees with the leaves changing colors are very pretty, but the pic that caught me was the black and white! I agree get outside, and smell the fresh air, there are still burning leaves out there, but they always smell like marijuana to me, even though, I never tried it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sandra says:

    Thank you, SBW. I’ll check your pictures to see if my trees “match!” 🙂 The door picture certainly reminded me of all the wonderful door pictures you have taken.

    Chrissy — Oh, how times have changed. In my generation we just smell LEAVES — not marijuana! 🙂

  12. Danielle says:

    Gee…You are turning out some beautiful pictures. Are you going to frame any? xox

  13. SBW says:

    I put up a picture of a hawthorne tree near my apartment. Comparing your picture to mine, I do think they are the same tree. What do you think? The leaves of the tree turn a nice golden color in the fall.

    I’m having fun with this detective adventure, lol!

    By the way, an elderly woman in the park once told me that she called the berries checkerberries when she was a kid. She made jelly out of them.

    I love trees, can you tell?

  14. SBW says:

    Oops..just googled checkerberry and that is not the same as hawthorne berries, even if some little old lady in the park said so.

    I’ll quit analyzing the tree photos now, lol!! What’s your next picture?

  15. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Danielle. I am really enjoying the process. No, I haven’t had any yet that I just loved so much I had to frame them.

    SBW — I looked at your picture, and it’s very hard to tell if they’re alike, because your picture is soo much clear than mine! But I don’t think they look alike, do you? I think I need a better camera. What do you suggest?

  16. SBW says:

    I actually think they are the same tree. I posted the close-up of the thorns in case you want to check out the branches the next time you are by the tree. Or, maybe you are a sane person and really don’t care…I know I’m a bit crazy about the plant world. 🙂

    As for cameras, I am clueless. You would laugh if you saw my beat-up camera. I honestly don’t know how to use it besides turning it on and zooming. Half the time I flash when I don’t want to, and I take more pictures of the floor than anything else. I’m learning by looking at what you are doing and what other people do – I really do learn best by seeing the products of other people’s work.

    Anyway, thanks for indulging in my tree fun! Keep on snapping those pictures! They are great.

  17. Sandra says:

    SBW — NOW you’ve got me interested! The next time I go to the golf course, I’ll definitely look closely at that tree and see if it has thorns.

    btw, I’m SHOCKED you consider yourself a student of photography! I think you do such a great job of composition — and your pictures are soooo sharp. I guess what you’re saying is that we’re all in this together, and we can all learn from each other. I’m not used to being considered a photographer’s “peer,” but I’m flattered by the idea.

  18. Mrs4444 says:

    Wow! These colors are stunning~ Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sandra says:

    Mrs4444 — This is my favorite time of the year — it’s so colorful!

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