Trivial Me . . .


My blogging friend, Karen from New Zealand, but currently residing in the western U.S., has tagged me for a list of several “little known facts” about myself.  I’m not fond of doing these, but I am fond of Karen, so here goes . . .

1.  I was a member of the speech team in high school and competed in speech tourneys in . . . poetry reading!  I think that is what inspired me to write poetry, and I still have a poem I wrote Hubby back then.

2.  I also belonged to Masque and Gavel, the high school theater group.  In the 3-act play we performed in my senior year, Mr. Barry’s Etchings, I played a lady gangster, named Fifty Farris.  Acting is fun, but I hate having to memorize lines.

3.  The summer Gunny was 9 and DD was 7, I was laid off from my job at the major truck manufacturer, so the kids and I spent alot of time at the public pool not too far from our house, and it was, consequently, the only summer in my adult life that I remember having a realllly nice tan.  I was also very “domestic” that summer.  I canned tomatoes for one of the few times in my life.  I also grew and froze green beans and made egg noodles!  I was a real “Betty Crocker” !

4.  I love Triple Yahtzee, but I was dragged kicking and screaming to it by Mama.  She developed a love for that game about 30 years ago, and consequently when she would come for a visit she always brought her Yahtzee score pads and dice and chose that to play when playing a game was suggested.  I don’t remember why I didn’t enjoy the game, but I played it because she enjoyed it so much.  But, at some point, I “turned the corner” and became a Triple Yahtzee fan too.  Now when I get together with my sisters, we enjoy playing Triple Yahtzee and remembering times we played it with Mama — and what encredible luck she had! 

Here is Mama and me in the 70’s — after dinner, and right before a lively Triple Yatzee game, I’m sure.

4.  I like sports, I think, more than most women.  What makes me think that is how surprised the truck salesmen I dealt with were when I could talk sports with them!  (It was pretty fun to hear their surprise if I knew more about a team or player than they did!)

5.  When I turned 16 in 1962, Daddy gave me his sharp, baby blue 1958 Chevy Impala, and he bought a new car.  How cool was that?  Only draw-back was the reason he gave it to me.  Mama didn’t drive, so I was given a car so that I could now be her “designated driver.”  I really didn’t mind that assignment, especially since it got me a car (!), but I think life was pretty exciting for Mama sometimes being driven around by such an inexperienced driver.  I especially remember her getting excited when I drove a little fast coming down the circular exit ramp in a parking garage.  Brakes are only for emergencies, right?  We lived, but I think Mama’s hair got alot more gray that day.

I have NO picture with my adored ’58 Impala.  An accident?  I think not.  It probably had bad memories associated with it for the photographer, Mama. 

6.  When I was 7 or 8, Mama and I were visiting our relatives in Kansas City, and one evening my aunt took us to play miniature golf, which I had never played before.  Well, apparently I should have had more specific instructions on how the game was played because I must have only heard the word golf, and thought that meant the game Daddy played.  Daddy loved playing golf, and he was a big fan of Sam Sneed, and he would practice his “Sam Sneed” golf swing in the back yard.  Sooooo, when it was my time to hit the ball on the first hole of miniature golf, Daddy’s “Sam Sneed” swing just popped into my mind, and I swung my club not like I was putting, but like I was driving on the fairway!  Unfortunately, Mama was standing right behind me, and I gave her a black eye!  I was really sorry I had hurt Mama, and, no surprise, it was years before my parents gave me the opportunity to try miniature golf again.   I believe that was the same visit when some of the relatives took us out to dinner, and Mama told them I never ate more than one piece of chicken, so they ordered accordingly, and I ate three.  Black-eyed and embarrassed by her child’s gluttony, Mama took me home at the end of our “fun-filled week.”  I bet the KC relatives had alot of stories they enjoyed telling after we left.

Here’s me (on the right) and a little fellow Blue Bird on a day when I didn’t hit anyone with a putter or eat my weight in fried chicken!  (Do you think Mama got back at me for the golf incident by giving me that perm?)  BTW, I have nooooo idea why this picture is so big.  One of those mysteries of life!


7.  I have taught all of my grandchildren the Hokie Pokie, as soon as they were able to stand.  It’s a cute little sing-song dance that is easy for them to learn, and easy for them (and me!) to do.  I wonder if they will be embarrassed if I ask that they dance the Hokie Pokie with me at their wedding receptions? 

That’s it, folks!  I’m not going to pass this on to anyone specific, because . . . well just because.  So, if you can think of 7 pieces of trivia about yourself, please consider yourself tagged.  You’re it!

10 Responses to Trivial Me . . .

  1. Beth says:

    Former speech competitor here…and I’ve got a theatre degree. Interesting what you learn about people in posts like this.

  2. Sandra says:

    Yes, it is interesting to find out about other bloggers isn’t it Beth. And now that you mention it, I did read your post about the actor that didn’t show up, so I DID know you’re in theater, but it sounded like you were thinking you might have to put it off until less stressful times. In fact, reading your post might have been the reason that my speech and theater experiences in high school came to mind for this post. I love live theater, but when I had a very small part a few years ago, for the first time in about 40 years, it reminded me how much I hate the stress of being ready to go on stage and suddenly thinking, “What’s my first line!!” 🙂 So, I think I’ll just settle for watching from the audience from now on.

    I have judged speech contests at various times, and I find that almost as much fun as doing the speaking! What category did you compete in in high school? Were you one of those lofty debaters? 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    Nope, no debate here! In high school I was in this competitive group called Academic Decathlon. (Yes, just as geeky as it sounds, but really fun too.) One of the categories was speech, and it was just general speech–it was fun, and so in college I ended up competing on the speech team. I did informative speaking, some sort of dramatic reading, and I think one or two other things. I’m getting senile, I guess. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    I know exactly what the Academic Decathlon is, Beth — I judged speech at one here for several years! I had even thought I wished they’d had that when I was in school — it DID seem like fun.

  5. chrissy says:

    Love it! An Impala to drive Mama around in, I’ll take it! Everything in this post surprised me! But, I also noticed the bruises on yours and a fellow blue birds legs in that picture, tough girls were ya? Great post!

  6. Danielle says:

    I admit I love tags…you learn so much from them. Love the photos, you were one adorable child…


  7. Sandra says:

    Chrissy — I’m not sure we could be described as tough, but more like enthusiastic! We played with all our hearts, never mind if you got bruises in the process!

    Danielle — Well, Mama and Daddy thought I was adorable — which is one of the perks of being the late-life baby.

  8. karen says:

    Thanks ever so much for playing, Sandra !!!! 🙂

    Fun answers!! Sounds like your Mum would have had lots of stories to tell about you … giving her a black eyes, scaring her with your driving, etc. Too funny 🙂

    We share something …. the same theory about brakes !! 🙂

  9. Sandra says:

    You’re welcome, Karen. I say I don’t like doing these, but I’m always surprised at what memories I end up putting down, once I start staring at the screen and just letting my mind “search” for “tidbits.” So, I guess they aren’t so bad. 🙂

  10. Sandra says:

    BTW, Karen. The last car I had kept having to have the brake linings replaced, so I KNEW there was something wrong with the car, because I KNEW I didn’t use the brakes that much! 🙂

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