Ta Da! I’m a Sewer! (that’s a seamstress-wanna-be)


And just to prove that I’m a sewer (that’s a “so-er, as in can sew; not a “su-er,” as in can carry away the bath water!), here are pictures of me doing it!  I know what you’re thinking, “The proper word is seamstress!”, but that just seems too “official” for me, so until I get better, I’m a sewer!

Wait a minute.  That’s not me!  That’s my next-door-neighbor, the wonderful Belinda!  Hmmmm.  Welllll, she did make the first one so that I could see how to do it.  But, hey this is my blog!  The photographer should have taken the pictures of me!  Maybe she was busy.

Anyway, my wonderful friend and neighbor Belinda came over to help me get started sewing my Christmas gift towels, and while I sat closely at her elbow, watching how she did it, she made the first one. 

For the second one, we switched places, and I sewed while she sat at my elbow and encouraged me. 

But, the third one, ah, the third one.  I made it allllll by myself, after Belinda went home!

Here are our first two, waiting for their buttons.


I have a jar of buttons I have accumulated over the years that has always resided on a shelf in the laundry room.  Now it was fun to look through them and find buttons that would look good on the towels.

After I sewed on the buttons (by hand, I don’t know how to use the button foot for the sewing machine yet), I put all three of the towels on the oven door, so that I could admire them every time I walked by.

This was fun!  Thanks mainly to Belinda.  She did a great job of getting me started, and she even told me about baby quilts she enjoys making, that I might want to try after the “towel project.”

Thanks for all your help and encouragement, Belinda.  If you could buy neighbors, I would bid top dollar for you!

6 Responses to Ta Da! I’m a Sewer! (that’s a seamstress-wanna-be)

  1. Hilary says:

    Oh good job! I’m useless at sewing.. either by hand or machine. I’d make a much better sewer (your second definition). Those towels look lovely. Lucky friends who will be receiving one as a gift.

  2. Belinda says:

    Thanks for your kind words neighbor. I enjoyed helping you with your project and know that you will have fun learning your new hobby. It was a fun day and it made a cool and rainy day seem so much brighter.

  3. SBW says:

    Great job! My mom and I have a tradition of giving each other kitchen towels at Christmas.

    I love the look of buttons in a jar. I wonder why I have my stash in a plastic ziploc in my craft box stuck in the closet?

  4. Sandra says:

    Hilary — I hope the “lucky friends” agree! But whether they enjoy them or not, I think I’m going to enjoy making them. I’m going out today to look for interesting towel and hot pad combos to use.

    Belinda — Thanks again. It was a fun way to spend an overcast afternoon, wasn’t it.

    SBW — A button jar is a habit I inherited from my mom. I can remember when I was little asking if I could play with the buttons. (Things were soooo simple then!) I don’t remember how I played with them, but I think it was just sorting them by size or color, or making designs out of them.

  5. karen says:

    Well done, Sandra !!! They look very nice !!

    I have a large stash of buttons in a big tin that looks like a bluebery pie. Well, like a blueberry pie painted on a tin 🙂

  6. Sandra says:

    Karen — I’m afraid my button jar is gradually being replaced. I’ve discovered the button aisle at the fabric store. What beautiful buttons! So, the button jar may end up back on the shelf in its “decorative” capacity. 🙂

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