Fifty Dollars? I Don’t THINK So!

A few days ago I saw a Fall table runner in a store that sells hand-crafted items.  I really liked it, but it didn’t have a price tag on it.  The lady at the cash register said that meant you had to order one.  I left my number.  She called me after contacting the lady who makes them.  They were $50 and she could have one for me in one week.  I said I’d have to think about it, and would call back if I decided I wanted one. 

What I decided was, “How hard can that be?  Surrrrely I could make a similar one for a lot less than $50!” 

So, I went to the craft/fabric store and bought a long, 12″-wide piece of dark brown felt for less than $2. (I love felt — no need to hem!)

I also bought four bags of “silk” leaves and some fabric glue, totaling about $10.

When I got home, I began assembly of my “creation.”  Okay, “cheap imitation,” if you prefer.

I still haven’t gotten used to not having a kitchen table in this house.  We have an island — and we have a dining room table in the dining area that is between the living room and the kitchen — no kitchen table, that was always my “go to” area for large crafts.  So now when I do a craft, I tend to start out on the table, without thinking.  And, once I get into it, I realize craft stuff, like glue, probably not good to do on a wood table.  At least I did put a newspaper under it.

What I found out right away was that fabric glue doesn’t work well on felt, or on fake leaves, or on both.  I would glue on a couple inches of leaves and then I would lay the stack of file folders you see on the table on top of them and go away for a few minutes to let the weight of the folders help the glue “stick.”  Slow going, with not very satisfactory results.  The leaves were very tenuously attached.  So, I went in search of a glue gun.  I found one, still in the unopened packaging, in a drawer of my scrapbooking cabinet.  Obviously, I don’t use one much.  So, I moved the whole “assembly line” to the island, so that I could plug it in.

That worked much better.  Although I did have a problem figuring out how to keep the glue stick moving through the “gun” when the second and last stick got too short for the “trigger” to move it.  My solution was to “feed” a pencil through so that it would push the glue stick.  This worked great, but it didn’t do great things for the eraser on the pencil!


Other than the “field fix” with the pencil, this was a great solution — no waiting for the file folders to do their work — just glue, press, glue, press, glue press (many times) . . . and I was done.

Here’s the finished runner, which ended up about three feet long.  (I just cut off the felt when I got tired, put on a last finishing row of leaves — and ta da!  Done!) 

I thought these leaf plates looked nice on it.

I have to say, while I do like it, it isn’t quite as nice as the one I saw in a store, but it also cost alot less.  I also have to tell you that my pictures don’t do the colors justice.  I tried using a few editing tools, but it seemed like I either ended up with too bright or too dull.  So, just take my word for it — the colors are appropriately “Fall-ish.”

While I was taking these pictures I took some of other Fall stuff I have sitting around.  So, stop here if you have important things to do.  The following is just me enjoying taking pictures.

I bought these three stuffed pumpkins at a Hallmark store years ago.  They are the Fall decoration I can always depend on coming out of storage just like they went in.  Uh Oh, as I look at this, I realize I need to either press their ribbons, or remove them.  Okay, even they need a little TLC!


A wonderful smelling pumpkin candle, and a clever little ceramic piece that has a tea light candle under the lamp shade.

These ceramic pumpkins are fairly no muss/no fuss too.  But could actually break, unlike their stuffed counterparts. 

Here’s another stuffed pumpkin (I like unbreakable!) keeping some pots company on a table in the sunroom.

And finally here’s a mistake I made that I kind of like.  I forgot I had the camera set on “night” when I took the first pictures of the pumpkins on the entry hall table so they turned out blurry.  But, after I played around with this picture for a while, I thought it looked a little like a painting! (Or maybe like just some out-of-focus pumpkins!  Get a grip, Sandra!)


Thanks for looking at my pictures.  I’m sure you can tell — I’m having fun doing it!

8 Responses to Fifty Dollars? I Don’t THINK So!

  1. karen says:

    I love that table runner !! Don’t know what the other one looked like, but your’s is pretty cool !!

    I also found that the pencil thing worked really well on the glue gun. 🙂

    Nice photos. I’ve been buying pumpkins, styrofoam and ceramic. My hubby just rolls his eyes. I imagine that the cutoms folk are going to do the same, when they look at some of the contents of the boxes we are taking back with us 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Karen — “Dumb Question Alert” — Why are you buying styrofoam and ceramic pumpkins to take to NZ? Don’t they have them there?

  3. Candy says:

    The runner looks great!

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Candy. I need to go back now and look at the one we first saw, to see how close I came!

  5. anna b says:

    Great job!!!

  6. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Anna. It was fun to try to re-create what I had seen. And I wasn’t too unhappy with the finished product.

  7. Sandra says:

    “two bright or two dull?” Get a grip, Sandra! Oh, wait a minute, i AM Sandra! Okay, I’ll change it.

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