Garage Sales — What a Great “Invention”

When you decide to have a garage sale, the first thing you have to do is collect the items to sell.  Ideally, this is done over a period of time, say a month or so, before the sale.  Well, I’ve never been “ideal” so I started less than a week before the sale.  At first, just stacking stuff around as I found it.

I decided to get rid of one of our five sets of dominos (big, little, colored dots, white dots, 9’s, 12″, etc.)  Hey, this is the kind of tough choices I was having to make! 

We received a gift of wine in that lovely tall box with the tassle, but as with all things I considered for the sale, I had to ask myself, “Is the space it takes to store it for sometime use, worth it?” (As with a few other things we “exchanged,” Candy really liked it, so she “adopted” it.)  

The blue and white pens-and-scratch-paper-on-the-desk organizer fit in perfectly at the farmhouse, but we don’t have anything blue in this house, so it had to go.  Do you see Mama’s cookie jar peeking out of the cabinet, saying, “Whew!  Thank goodness I’m not going!”  She doesn’t understand sentiment, or she wouldn’t be worried.  She is definitely worth the space she takes up because of the wonderful memories of my childhood she conjures up whenever I look at her.

These tins are both collectibles from the 80’s that I displayed on top of the cabinets at the farm.  I still find them charming, but have nowhere to use or even display them now, so it’s time for someone else to enjoy them.  The jar in the middle is one of those homemade “kits” that you sometimes receive at Christmas.  This one is for delicious brownies.  I know because the first time we received one, I wasn’t watching my weight and when I made them they were wonderful.  This time, I have been able to resist them, so it’s time to remove the temptation.  Hopefully, some skinny minny will come through and adopt that cute little kit.

The four rolls of still-in-the-wrapper wallpaper on the left couldn’t be returned, so I’m hoping someone else will like them.  The VHS tapes were taking up THREE SHELVES in a storage closet, and we never watch them!  The tall crystal bowl is just beautiful, but, again, space taken up vs. no use in sight, make it garage sale fodder.

 For the last couple days before the sale, I parked my car in the driveway instead of the garage, and using it’s space to “stage” the items I was takng to Candy’s for the sale.

The night before the sale, I made this sign, in case you couldn’t tell it was homemade (that’s called a joke!).  I blew up the balloons too.  It had been a loooong time since I had done that — I had forgotten how hard you have to blow!  Hubby had given me two pointed stakes, a mallet, and a staple gun so that I could “assemble” this sign in Candy’s yard.  I wasn’t entirely sure if I was capable of that so Candy suggested we use an extra trellis she had that we could just slip the sign over — a great idea!

When I got to Candy’s at 7:30 (sale would start at 8:00), she opened the garage door so that I could bring my stuff in, and before I could get it all set up, two women drove up!  We panicked.  We lowered the gararge door.  We looked at each other.  And then reason set in, and Candy said, “Well, we don’t want to miss any sales, even if it is a half hour early!”  So, we opened the garage door again.  The women were still standing there, smiling.  “Garage salers” are nothing if they aren’t persistent.  And my guess is that they had had the same garage-door-down-and-then-up thing happen to them before.

We tried to put “eye catchers” at the front, like the art and the flowers.  I have no idea if that worked! 

Candy’s two live plants went to a woman (50ish, but very nice figure and very well endowed) who told us a story about being accosted in a mall parking lot the previous day by a man in a van offering her $3,000 for a modeling assignment!  After she left, I told Candy we should have told her, yeah, we’d had the same offer.

Yes, that’s the netting I bought last Christmas that didn’t work out on my stair railing (Hubby said it looked “bordelloish.”)  It didn’t sell, but I didn’t think the charity would have much use for it, so I’m going to look for some other use for it this Christmas.  Maybe tied on chair backs or as “ribbon” on gifts.

We didn’t have lots of clothes, but most of them sold (to our friends who wandered in and we made try them on and then ohhhed and ahhhed about how great they looked.)

Clever Candy put out some Christmas stuff.  It went well. 

The tapes I sold went realllllly quickly.  Hmmmm.  Fifty cents must have been too cheap.

On the way out the door . . . Candy’s cute blue snowmen 

and my pretty I-love-it-but-don’t-have-a-use-for-it bowl.

This cute, shy little boy was drawn to the balloons on our sign, so I told him that if he would let me take his picture, he could have one of the balloons.  Now, if I were a more experienced photographer, I would have then gotten a picture of him holding the balloon I gave him (with the big smile on his face) — but I’m not!  So, I didn’t!

Because of the sale, I now have a little more storage space.  Almost everything in the attic is now able to be stored in the side areas, so you can “stroll” down the middle without stepping over or bumping into things! (Of course, as is always the case, while looking for garage sale fodder, we found lots of stuff that could just be thrown away too!)

So, the garage sale is done, and we are sighing with relief (our husband’s too).  In the two days of the sale, Candy and I made a few bucks, got rid of bunches of stuff, and what didn’t sell, we gave to a charity.  Besides that, we got to sit around for two days eating Lean Cuisine, drinking diet drinks and chatting.  Also, talking to the very interesting people who came to the sale.  One of my childhood friends and her sister came through.  It was great to get to talk to them after so many years.

It was all good.  Now I’m going back to bed.  I’m tired!

10 Responses to Garage Sales — What a Great “Invention”

  1. charrette says:

    We’ve been undertaking a massive clean-out and de-junking. Yours looks very organized by comparison. I never have the energy left for a sale afterward, so we just give it all away. Next time I’m going to force myself to try and SELL some of it first! Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks?!

  2. Sandra says:

    I recommend it, Charette. Actually, once it’s all set up, it’s fun! And, like you say, it’s nice to see your stuff traded for a few extra bucks.

  3. karen says:

    I’m about to get into my back bedroom and decide what I really want to take to NZ with us and what I’m just taking because my inner pack rat is trying to poke it’s nose in! I’m going to be strict with myself … I really am!!:-)

    I have a couple of cute snowmen like that. They’re not going!

  4. Hilary says:

    We do an annual street sale (and later a party). I don’t always participate in the sale part, but when I do, I always enjoy it. Like you said, it’s fun to chat with the customers and the extra cash never hurts. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing your day. 🙂

  5. Sandra says:

    Okay, Karen. You’re shocking me. Are you moving back to NZ?

    Hilary — from what I’ve read on your blog, your neighborhood is a very special one. Lots of activities for the whole group. It must make it feel a little like living in a small town where everyone knows everyone. If only all neighborhoods could be like that. I’ve always said — you buy a house having no idea what the neighbors are like, yet they make SUCH a difference in how much you enjoy the house!

  6. Candy says:

    Although quite a bit of work, the effort was well worth it! I think it’s a testiment to our friendship that two full straight days of each other went by in a flash!! I really did enjoy it and have just spent some of the money on a purse on Ebay. I really couldn’t justify the store price on a new retiree budget. Buy hey, a few extra bucks and a good sale price, it’s mine!

  7. Danielle says:

    Thanks for making me feel like I was there. It looked great and I am so glad you guy’s did well…


  8. Sandra says:

    Candy — The sale was fun, wasn’t it? And I’m glad it made you some “mad money” so that you could “afford” the purse of your dreams! I’m sure I’ll see it soon!

    Danielle — Wellll, since it would have been a little hard for you to “stop by,” I’m glad the pictures made you feel like you’d been there!

  9. […] years ago my friend Candy and I had a garage sale at her house and I posted about it here.  And we called that garage sale our final one — we would never go to that much work again. […]

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