Football Surprises!

Ahhh, football season.  We love football, especially since we are Colts fans and they have had quite a bit of success in recent years. 

Our grandson, Jay, has started the football season with his 8th grade team in his new school.  And, an experience he had in his first game last week, inspired this post.  Let’s call it, “How Times Have Changed!

About 50 years ago, when Hubby was on the freshman football team at our rural high school, for one of their first games they went into the nearby city to play the freshman team at a large inner-city high school.  Hubby remembers that as they got off the bus, they were “greeted” by a grumpy old man standing near-by who told them to  be sure to kick the cow “manure” off their cleats so that they didn’t get any of that on their field!  

When the game was ready to start, Hubby, who was the center, got down on the line, ready to play.  But when he looked up into the face of the center on the other (did I mention — FRESHMAN!) team, he was shocked!  The kid across from him was not only big, but he had a mustache! 

We have always laughed about what the look must have been on the smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt face of that young country kid when he looked up and saw facial hair on his opponent!

Fast forward approximately 50 years, to our grandson playing 8th grade football.  His team had their first game last week.  And, just like Grandpa, he had a surprise waiting for him.

We are told that when Jay got down in his stance on the line, he was busy getting himself set and didn’t pay attention to his opponent at first, but then when he was ready and happened to glance at his opponent’s hands, he saw pink fingernail polish!  It was a girl!  He says that she was actually pretty good.  And he also says she gave him a bruise — by pinching him!  I’ve never heard of football players pinching before — maybe that’s just a girl football player thing.

Well, as I said before, “My, how times have changed!”

5 Responses to Football Surprises!

  1. Maddy says:

    Fabulous! I wasn’t expecting that – which always makes it all the better.

  2. Sandra says:

    Maddy — A big surprise for Jay too! 🙂

  3. ElleBee says:

    HAH! I’m with Maddy. That was SO not what I was expecting. My brother played football in high school (I, on the other hand, know that football games are really just to fill the time between the band’s pre-game and halftime shows!), and I can remember one of his female classmates playing football as well. It was quite the talk of the entire Catholic high school league!

  4. Sandra says:

    ElleBee — I don’t think girl football players are ever going to “catch on” do you? There will always be girls who would like to try it, but I just can’t see them becoming common. I do wish I could have seen Jay’s face when he realized a girl was across from him! 🙂

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