Wise Words from a Friend

When I wrote about young Leslie’s death two weeks ago in, “There She Goes.  Here She Comes!” my friend, Linda, left the following comment:

I often think back to a time when a dear couple in our church were parted by death. The husband, speaking of his wife’s home going, said “Mary is with Jesus, and Jesus is with me.” It gave me a mental picture of Jesus walking with them, the man on one side of the Lord and the woman on the other.

We feel grief when we are separated from a loved one at death, even though we know that we will be reunited in Heaven later if we are both trusting in Christ’s sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins. I can’t help thinking that the Father must have felt a similar sense of loss when He was separated from His Son during Jesus’ time on earth, even though there was the expectation that they would be reunited at the completion of the Son’s mission on earth.

Linda is not only a good friend, but she sometimes has wise words to share, and in this case I wanted to give these a wider audience than just a comments section.  I especially love the picture of the couple each holding one of Jesus’ hands.

Thank you for words that touched me, Linda.

May you each be blessed this Sunday with faith, love and peace.

4 Responses to Wise Words from a Friend

  1. karen says:

    Very, very wise words, indeed !!!

    Something to reflect on…

  2. zimmerhouse says:

    I agree, very wise words….I think for God to have sacrificed his one and only is such a powerful message that it can be used in many areas of our life, including loss as well as others.

    It was used in the sermon on Sunday…when Jesus prayed to be spared, God said no…lesson, your prayers are answered, sometimes just not the way you wanted because God has a plan (in Jesus’s case it was a bit more obvious then some of the rest of us)

    sorry that was drifting from the original subject…I just find it amazing how we have been given answers and comforts we just need to read them…

  3. Sandra says:

    tz — Yours are wise words too. Thank you, friend.

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