I Used to See “Storm,” Now I See “Photo Opportunity”

This is fun!  When it stormed a few days ago, it was beautiful.  I love the look of a blowing rain storm.  But now that I’m trying to learn photography, it was fun to try to capture some of what I saw during the storm.  Here are a couple of my tries.  Note to self:  Scenic pictures are alot easier than ones with “actors” in them that don’t do what you want.

These ducks had been sitting along the edge of our yard, but as soon as I got the camera and opened the door, they skeedaddled.  Okay, Plan B required.  But, no matter how many times I called to them, “Turn right! Turn right” they just kept on swimming away, so I didn’t get the picture I wanted.  So, here is a picture of my “subjects” swimming away from the camera just as fast as their little webbed feet would take them.  And, you can’t even tell it’s raining!  I’ve got alot to learn.

Here’s a picture that was much easier to take — no problem with camera shy bricks or hostas!

The rain was beautiful.

10 Responses to I Used to See “Storm,” Now I See “Photo Opportunity”

  1. Linda says:

    I love the bricks and hostas. Congratulations on getting the pictures posted. They’re beautiful.

  2. karen says:

    I’m so jealous!!! 🙂

    I live in the High Sierra Desert. There has been no measurable rain for weeks. When it does rain, people run around outside and cheer!!

    It’sone of the things I miss about NZ .. the rain and the greenness..

  3. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Linda. You know you have been one of my inspirations. You take beautiful pictures.

    Karen — We have droughts sometimes too. I’m sorry you’re going through one. When it finally does rain, it is such a sense of relief, and I totally understand the dancing in it! When I was little, my friends and I loved to put on our bathing suits and run around in the rain, and even sometimes lay in the street gutter when the storm sewer drains couldn’t take the water as fast as it was coming, so the gutter would become a shallow, rushing “river.” What a picture THAT would have made!

  4. Linda says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy since my last visit last night. This site is gorgeous, easy on the eyes, and simple to navigate. Great job!

  5. Sandra says:

    I like it better than the last one too, Linda. But, I can’t find a way to edit a post once it’s published. And you know how I like to edit! So, I’ve e-mailed WordPress for help.

  6. Hilary says:

    That second shot is a beauty. I love the way rain gives brick (and wood) such saturated colour. You’ve captured that well.

  7. Sandra says:

    Thank you, Hilary. I was thrilled that that picture came out so well. Pictures like that make me want to keep taking pictures!

  8. tz says:

    love the pictures! I’m so excited you’re able to post photos now!

  9. SBW says:

    taking pictures is another level of blogging addiction – have you noticed? have fun!!

  10. Sandra says:

    tz — wellll, it’s still a hit and miss affair whether I can get a picture posted or not. But, I AM gong to learn to do it.

    SBW — But, I know you’ll agree — blogging and pictures are such “happy” addictions!

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