Good Thing We Had This Conversation!

I said:  “When are you leaving for your trip?”

She said:  “We’ve moved it up.  We’re driving down on Saturday now.”

I said: “You mean tomorrow?”

She said: . . . nothing, for a second.  Then she said, “I’ve got to go now.”

I laughed.  “Why?”

She laughed:  “I have to pack.”

I said:  “One more thing.  Do you want me to call you in the morning to remind you that this is the day you’re leaving?”

She laughed:  “No, thank you.  I think I can remember now.”

I hope our rooms are next to each other in “the home.”  We crack each other up.

3 Responses to Good Thing We Had This Conversation!

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for not using names. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to have friends to go senile with…

    So glad to have finally found you again! Your name is never highlighted in the comment notification emails, or I would have been here sooner! I finally saw it highlighted in your comment tonight, so expect me to be stalking…

  3. tz says:

    hahah, my sister in law and I laugh about what we’ll be like in our old age…i’ll have to wheel her in the chair (she has MS) and she’ll have to tell me where we’re going (i’m pretty sure at the rate i’m going i’ll have some sort of dementia by the time i’m 50)

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