I LOVE Spring Break!

Yes, I LOVE spring break.  No, not because we go to some exotic place and lie around in swimsuits, tanning and drinking drinks with little umbrellas in them.  But, because we usually get to see grandchildren then!

We met DD half-way yesterday afternoon, and brought Coco and Lulu home with us for a few days during their spring break.  Mimi would have come too, (even though day care doesn’t really have “spring break”) but she and her daddy are sick.  Poor Mimi.  Poor Daddy.

We don’t have a DVD player in the car (thank goodness), so, when we travel with grandchildren, we find other ways to entertain ourselves, like singing songs.  We like “Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” but it’s a little long, so we skip some of the less interesting numbers (that would be pretty much from 90 to 20) so that we can get to the grand finale — NO BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL!! — which we sing with gusto! 

We also like to sing a version of Ol’ MacDonald which Papa learned when he was growing up.  It’s called “Ol’ MacDonald Had a Ford.”  In case you have any road trips with children coming up, it goes like this:  “Ol’ MacDonald had a Ford, E I E I O.  And, on that Ford he had some wheels, prettiest little wheels that you ever did see.  Wheels on the ground.  Engine in the Ford makes the wheels go ’round.  Bump-de-de-ada, some Ford!”  Next would be “Ol’ MacDonald had a Ford E I E I O.  And, on that Ford he had a floor, prettiest little floor that you ever did see.  Floor on the wheels, wheels on the ground.  Engine in the Ford makes the wheels go ’round.  Bump-de-de-ada, some Ford!”  Each time you sing it you add something in ground-up order: next is seat, driver, hat, feather, fly, flea, (this is where it should stop, but we got creative yesterday), we then added Who (apparently smaller than a flea?), (Who’s) vest, and (vest’s) button.  We stopped there.  But, it is fun.  Coco and I especially get into it.

We also like to play word games.  The first one we played yesterday was looking on road-side signs and buildings and the sides of trucks for words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  Of course, we start by looking for a word that begins with “A” — not very hard.  But it is always fun to be the first one to call out a word that starts with the letter we are looking for.  And some of them are very challenging, i.e., we’ve learned that there is a trucking company called Xpress — very handy for X, if we happen to see one.  Hubby kids me about the time we were looking for “Q” and I said, “Where’s a duck farm when you need one.”  Hubby, being my long-time straight man said, “A duck farm?”  And I said, “You know, the ones that would have quack signs out by the road.” (I just say that kind of stuff because it’s fun to be able to make him laugh, even after all these years.)  We have been known to ask him to find a hospital to drive by, so that we can see if there’s a “Quiet Zone” or “X-Ray” sign.  He doesn’t do it, because he thinks it’s more important to get where we’re going than to play the game.  Men are strange like that, aren’t they?

The other word game we like to play: Someone starts out with “A, my name is A_____, my best friend’s name is A______, we live in A______, and we sell A________.  Each person, at their turn, fills in the blanks for the next letter:  “B, my name is . . . .”  Our rule is that you have to try to come up with names and places and products that haven’t been used earlier, so it gets harder the more rounds you play.  (And we get more creative, especially with the names.  I am kind of the “expert” here because I worked at the Jail where there were many verrry interesting names.  So, if I haven’t heard it, we assume it’s NOT a name!)  Obviously, Q’s, X’s and Z’s are really challenging in this one too.

We also just like to talk. (Kids who are confined and bored, can be quite the little conversationalists!)  Yesterday, we talked about the time three years ago when they came to stay with us in late June and Hubby and I decided to take them to pick strawberries.  When we got to the “pickin'” farm, we were told the picking had stopped yesterday!  But they took pity on us, and pointed to a field that might still have some left.  They gave us buckets, and off we went.  It was about 90 degrees and there were very few strawberries left, so we really had to look, and the ones we found were very small, but we ended up, an hour later, with about three quarts.  We came home soooo sweaty and tired, but the girls were soooo proud of their “picks.”  And, for supper that night we had some of the best strawberry shortcake EVER, because they were strawberries we had picked ourselves. (Before this, the girls didn’t think they even liked strawberries!)

They will go home Thursday, and week after next Gunny’s children, Nikki and Jay, will be here for a week.  I LOVE spring breaks! 

Grandchildren are the best.  They are just little memories in the making with everything they do.

6 Responses to I LOVE Spring Break!

  1. Linda says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … you two are wonderful grandparents. You do such a good job of maintaining a close relationship with your grandkids, even though none of them live close to you. When you do get together, there’s no awkward warm-up time or need for getting reacquainted, because you’ve kept the relationship alive with other forms of contact even when separated geographically. Of course, your grandkids’ parents may deserve a little credit for that, too. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Linda. It IS important to us. We get every bit as much out of it as they do.

  3. Danielle. says:

    Oh what a beautiful post. I have stored your Ford song in my head and will try it out on little Ty this afternoon when we pick the older children up from school.

    I think Daddy is going to love it,…. what with driving a Ford and all….Perfect !

  4. Sandra says:

    Danielle — I will tell Hubby that his childhood song has now made it to Australia! He will get a kick out of that. (BTW, he drives a Ford truck too.)

  5. Danielle. says:

    Ford Trucks Rule…..

  6. Chrissy says:

    What a great post! It is great that you are able to enjoy your grandchildren!

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