No More Than I Could Handle

Hubby and his brother are co-chairs of a first-ever fundraising Gala for our Lutheran grade school to be held next month.  It will be a dinner at a local country club with a silent auction as well as a live auction. (Lots of neat trips on which I would LOVE to be the highest bidder.)  There have been five gift-gathering parties in homes to collect items (or money to purchase items) to be auctioned at the Gala.  We had one of the gift-gathering parties.

You know how sometimes, even though you have the best of intentions, something just doesn’t work the way you expect?  That was this gift-gathering idea, for us.  Everyone else had great turn-out at their parties.  Us, not so much. 

I think two things possibly caused that.  First, we don’t really have a circle of friends in the church, just family members and friendly acquaintances, so when it came to making a guest list, Hubby’s brother has a larger house (could handle more guests) so it just made sense for him to include the family members.  My bright idea then was  to come up with guests for our party by going through the church directory and picking out people who I believed had a heart for Christian education, and also the wherewithall to be able to participate financially.  So, we ended up inviting mostly people who we know, but who are’t really FRIENDS who would necesarily feel like they HAD to attend because of friendship.  Secondly,  another of the party-givers is a very nice lady who DOES have a large circle of friends in the church, and apparently I tapped into her circle, meaning that if people got invitations from us, who they knew casually (or were related to distantly), or their good friend “P,” of course, they chose her party.

I sent out 20 invitations — potential of 40 people.  Then I scheduled the caterer, who set a tentative number at 30, with me confirming the number four days before the event.  And then we waited for the RSVP’s to start rolling in.  And we waited.  And we waited.  We got a few calls from people who would be out of town, and two calls from couples who would be here.  But, the majority we never heard from.  I think people have forgotten RSVP means “response requested” and think it means “give us a call if you ARE coming, if you feel like it.”  I needed to give the caterer  a final count last Monday, so Sunday evening I called the people we hadn’t heard from.  Most were apologetic and had good excuses, but none were coming (but some DID contribute, which IS appreciated, even though they couldn’t be here).

Okay, Plan B.  There would be six of us.  Monday I called the caterer and canceled.  Then I called the two couples who were coming and told them plans had changed.  Rather than a large, noisy party here, we were instead going to take them out to dinner.  Sounded good to them!

So, last night the six of us went out to dinner and then came back here for dessert.  We talked and laughed until almost midnight (wayyyy past my bedtime) and had a great time.  I told them that, like the saying goes, “God only gives you as much as you can handle,” apparently He knew that 30 was more than I could handle (I certainly didn’t know that!) — that six was more my speed.

So, three couples who knew very little about each other ended up spending a very enjoyable evening together!  In fact, we had such a good time that we are going to sit together at the Gala.  I think maybe we’ve made some new friends — and, you KNOW you can NEVER have too many of those!

Thank you God for how you lead me and guide me and sometimes jerk me back from one direction and shove me in another direction.  You bless us in all ways, some we could never have predicted.

3 Responses to No More Than I Could Handle

  1. Isn’t that great when people “click.” You brought people together, and that’s really cool.

    I also have trouble getting people to RSVP. I don’t know when people stopped replying to invitations, but it’s really hard to plan a party without the RSVP’s. Reply, people!

  2. Sandra says:

    Amen on the RSPV’s, SBW. But, as I said, the way it turned out was really neat. We got to know some people better than we would have otherwise. So, all to the good.

  3. Danielle. says:

    I thought I was the only person that got annoyed about RSVP’s…….

    Glad it all worked out so well for you in the end…

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