Is That Duty Calling? Or Just A Ringing In My Ears!

I’ve been called for Jury Duty for the first time in my life!  That is not to say that I haven’t been sent the preliminary paperwork before, but while Hubby was a policeman (36 years), that fact exempted both of us from serving on juries.

So, apparently, now that we are retired, the assumption is that we have forgotten any prejudices or preconceived notions about criminals we may have had and we are now suitable for jury duty.

I have to report Thursday.  We’ll see if they keep me.  I’m betting against it — especially if I happen to recognize the defendant (a possibility if he/she is a “regular” at the Jail, where I worked for four years).

That reminds me of a funny story from when Hubby was a young Lieutenant in the Road Patrol Division and he went to court to testify in a case where he was the arresting officer. 

As the Judge was seating the jury, one of the questions he asked the prospective jurors was, “Do you know any of the people involved in this case?” 

When he asked that question, one man in the jury box held up his hand and said, “Yes, I know Lt. H.  He’s my cousin.”  The Judge dismissed cousin Marv.

A second man held up his hand.  “I’m the principal at Lt. H’s children’s school.”  The Judge dismissed Mr. R.

A third man help up his hand. “My children go to the same school as Lt. H’s.”  The Judge said, “Not good enough.  You’re not dismissed.  Now, does anyone ELSE know Lt. H, or anyone else on this case?”  No one else knew him — or at least had the nerve to say they did!

When Hubby told me that story later, I laughed and said by the third guy, people in the courtroom were probably straining to see who that Lt. H was — the guy it seemed like everyone knew!

I’ll be sure to take my notebook and try to have some interesting stories to tell from this new experience, even if they don’t keep me.

7 Responses to Is That Duty Calling? Or Just A Ringing In My Ears!

  1. You’re back! Yeah!

    Oh, definitely bring your notebook.

    I got dismissed off a case once because one lawyer said I might know too much. ?? I never understood that.

  2. Sandra says:

    SBW – If they tell ME I might know too much — it won’t be because of my intellect (as I’m guessing was the case with you), it will be because of hangin’ around with people like the “perp” at the Jail!

  3. tz says:

    I’ve always wanted to sit on a Jury. I just love the process. But have never been called. I can’t wait to hear some stories..oh sorry, read some stories that you might get from your experience.

  4. Chrissy says:

    I have been called twice and served twice. I also thought I would be dismissed but, that wasn’t the case! Looking forward to some interesting stories!

  5. Linda says:

    Remember … I was seated on a jury a couple of years ago, even though I was currently working at the jail. I think the reason was that it was a civil trial, not a criminal trial. So you may not be as exempt as you think. But, relax; I’ve done it twice (one criminial and one civil), and I felt good about the process both times. You would be a good juror.

  6. Danielle. says:

    You will make a wonderful juror…

    I have never been called up..(touch wood).

    Thing is for a person like me who is on her feet 18 hours a day, sitting on my butt for any more then a tea break would probably have me kicked off the panel by…lunch ! lol.

    Best of luck…

  7. Sandra says:

    Thank you all for your confidence in me as a juror. I have to tell you that I have strong opinions (what’s that noise? it’s Linda laughing) so I’m not sure how I would/will do. We’ll see. Also, great to hear that some of you have “lived through it” even multiple times!

    tz — I’ll suggest you if they ask us if we have any friends who would like to serve. 🙂

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