You Talk About A Win/Win? This Was DEFINITELY One!

Since I have never celebrated my 100th post before, and since I’ve never had a contest of any kind on my blog before, I had n.o  i.d.e.a  how much fun this would be for me!  I see now why bloggers enjoy doing contests! 

I realize, once again, how lucky I am to be related to my daughter.  She’s always been quite the networker. When she was in high school, she knew almost everybody.  That especially made me proud because it meant she was friends with alot of kids who may not have had many friends.  I remember this conversation we had during DD’s high school days:

DD: Remember me mentioning a guy named Spencer, Mom?  I’ve told you I talk to him in the hall sometimes.

Me:  Yes, I remember you mentioning that name.

DD:  He really looked nice today.  He was all dressed up.  So, I told him how nice he looked.  I think he really appreciated it.

Me:  Oh? Was there a special reason for him to be dressed up?  (I’m thinking maybe this Spencer is a brilliant student who might be receiving some sort of recognition!)

DD:  Yeah, he had a court date.  (Then she smiled, because she could read me like a book, and had enjoyed seeing my distracted interest turn to acute interest turn to shock!  Ornery kid.)

At the end of DD’s freshman year, when Gunny-to-be was graduating, he told me that DD knew way more people than he did at the school (2,000 students), and he’d been there four years!  I think he actually enjoyed that year that they “shared” in high school.  And, he’s more of a networker now, but as a teenager, he saw no reason to work at making friends, when he had two or three perfectly good ones already!

Anyway, because DD has a popular blog (the ultimate networking), with lots of blogging friends and readers, and because she suggested on her blog that they come over to my site for my contest, I got to hear from an interesting group of  her readers. Thank you all for coming, and I certainly, in no way, was comparing any of you to Spencer! 

I also really appreciate my personal and blogging friends who took the time to enter.  I’m sorry none of you won, but I guess you’ll just have to see my friendship as YOUR gift. (Please stop laughing so loudly — it makes it hard for me to concentrate on finishing this.) 

And, I really appreciated everyone’s comments.  Music to my blogging soul, they were.

**So, without further ado, the winner is:  No. 22, Invisible Neighbor.**

I truly wish I could have figured out a way for each of you to win.  But I can give all of you my sincere thanks for making the celebration of my 100th blog so much fun for me! 

I’ll try to repay the kindness of all of you by writing the best posts in the future I possibly can.

Sincerely, Sandra 

5 Responses to You Talk About A Win/Win? This Was DEFINITELY One!

  1. ahem. Maybe you like to mention your daughter’s 5 days of giveaways on her blog. ahem.

  2. Danielle says:

    Congratulations to the winner !.

    I never came over to win a prize myself…I was just chuffed to find another great “normal” blog to read….

    Well done….you have another fan !

  3. Sandra says:

    I’ll get right on that, Jenny. 🙂

    Danielle — It did occur to me that if you DID win, it would be fun to go to the chocolate store and say, “Send this gift certificate and catalog to Danielle in Australia!” I know they ship all over the world, but I personally don’t send something to Australia every day! Oh well, maybe another time. I’m glad you’ve “found me.” I’ll try not to disappoint! By the way, my mother had a pen pal in Australia when the Olympics were there in, I think, 1956? And, she had sent me a head scarf with a map of Australia on it about then. A nice keepsake from your country.

  4. Danielle says:

    Oh what a beautiful keepsake…and memory…

    Yes..I was also thinking how funny and expensive it would be if I won…. I guess I would just re-direct the address to one of my fellow bloggers in the USA.

    What a surprize for them hey !!

  5. Sandra says:

    Danielle — I promise you — if you had won, I would have mailed it to YOU. But what a generous person you are to have thought to re-direct it to a blogging friend!

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