Moving Is Always A Little Traumatic . . . .

. . . . but sometimes it’s for the best.

I’m going to be moving to a new “neighborhood,” Type Pad. 

I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here in Word Press.  But, when Daughter Devine talked me into trying blogging, we knew this “neighborhood” was a good starting place for me (because it was free!) and that I would probably make a move if I found out I really enjoyed the “town.”  Wellll, I DO enjoy “Blogstown” so the milestone of my 100th post just seems like the right time to make the move to a little more convenient “neighborhood” where I can settle in permanently. 

I’m feeling a little sad though because I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere in the Word Press neighborhood, and have given “birth” to my first 100 posts here (and believe me — some of them DID remind me of childbirth!), so it will always hold a special place in my heart.  And, the Word Press “maintenance guys” have been so helpful when I’ve needed something fixed.  But, as I said, this was always intended as a no-frills starter home, so I need to step outside my comfort zone a little.

The new Type Pad neighborhood is a better fit for several reasons: 

1.) Divine Daughter already “lives” there.  When you need help (and I DO need MUCH help with the details of blogging), it’s always nice to live close to family.  So, when I’m in the same neighborhood, it will be easier for DD to know what I’m talking about and how to help me when I “knock on her door” and say, “Help!”

2.) As is usually the case, when the rent is higher you get a few more amenities.  So, again, because I’m not very good at the mechanics of blogging, I’m delighted that this new neighborhood is supposed to be easier to navigate.  That really appeals to me.

3.) I’m also hoping it will be easier to find someone to customize the look of my new place.

4.) When I finally get all my old posts packed up and carted over to the new place, they can be organized in a more easily accessible library, both for me and for guests who might like to browse through them.

So, I’m packing my boxes and once I get them moved to the new place, I’ll have an open house over there, and I’m even going to have a drawing for a PRIZE!  I’ve never done that before, but it seems very appropriate not only to celebrate my 100th post but also to welcome you to my new home!  

You can sign up to win the prize right now; just go over to the new place — — and leave a comment.  I hope all of you, even those who have never left a comment, will register for the prize.  I want you to be a part of this too.  I really do appreciate all of you.

I’ll leave a light on in the window, so you can find me.  See you there!

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