A Quick Return on Our “Investment”

We returned last evening from a long weekend with my oldest sister and her husband in Atlanta.  It was a great success.

Sis and HJ loved it that we had hauled ribs down there from their favorite restaurant here, and they dubbed the ribs delicious! when we ate them on Friday evening.  I have to say I didn’t think the ribs were quite as good as they are when served in the restaurant, but they were pretty darn good (thanks to the detailed instructions I received from Marcia, the restaurant owner, about how to heat them). 

The rib restaurant here is famous for putting a roll of paper towels in the middle of each table — very practical, but not normal dining table decor.  So, we laughed when we arrived and Sis had the table set very nicely with tablecloth and placemats — but with a roll of paper towels in the middle of the table, in honor of “from whence the ribs came!” 

Then on Saturday and Sunday, their five children, their spouses and any of their children who were around (most are out on their own), came to lunch so that we could visit with them.  The plan was that they would come on Saturday or Sunday, depending on which was most convenient for them, but, because most of them live within walking distance, some would also just drop in for a few minutes at other times. 

It was absolutely great to get to visit with all of them.  They are a fun family, so we spent most of our time laughing.  (One story that always comes up is the time I was babysitting for the kids and somehow Mark, about 2 at the time, was allowed to get into the bathtub for his bath with his shoes on!  I always blame his older sisters for “allowing” that to happen, totally ignoring the fact that I was supposed to be in charge.)

We also saw all of them when we went to church on Sunday morning.  As demonstrated by the title of my blog, in my opinion, that combination of faith and humor makes for a perfect “recipe” for our lives — as they certainly demonstrate.

We just over-all had a terrific weekend, and as we were driving home yesterday, Hubby and I talked about the great return we received on our investment of  a couple of pretty long (but not unpleasant) drives to and from there, and a total of four days of our time.  The time could not have been better spent.

We should all be so fortunate to get such a quick and satisfying return on any investment.

Thank you God for our “Atlanta family” — you bless us thoroughly through them.

4 Responses to A Quick Return on Our “Investment”

  1. tz says:

    I just love reading your blog…we lived in another town for a year and I would make the trek back to Denver every six weeks (two kids in tow) sometimes with ribs on dry ice (it was KCK another place famous for ribs) to visit with my family and my husband’s family…because, sometimes family members, even the crazy ones, are the people that make you laugh and love the most.

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    Shoes in the bathtub, eh? I’m sure that gave you Favorite Aunt status.

  3. Sandra says:

    tz — thank you for the “I just love your blog” — I love yours too, and we both know that that is music to a blogger’s ears. My family is actually from KCK (they moved from there right before I was born)so I am verrry familiar with KC barbeque from all the times we had it when we visited relatives there. And, you’re right — laughing with those we love is the BEST.

    SBW — It WAS wonderful. I think Mark may be a little embarrassed, as an adult, that the story about shoes in the bathtub comes up so often, but it is a fun memory. And, actually, I think I MAY have a little “favorite aunt” status, because I was, by far, the youngest aunt they had. And, of course, it helped that I married Hubby, because they have always looked up to him.

  4. Betty Rose says:

    You couldn’t have had as nice a weekend as we did. We have so few visitors from out of town that everyone gets very excited one of their favorite Aunts and her hubby come to visit! HJ and I actually feel better because of the visit and would you believe we used some of the left-over barbeque sauce over left-over turkey (isn’t it nice to have things like that in the freezer?) on buns last night–we do like to stretch things (like your visit) out!

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