A Quick Road Trip Because We Love Them

We are leaving this morning for a quick trip to see my oldest sister and her husband in Georgia.  And, while I’m sure they will enjoy seeing us, I think they may enjoy seeing what we are bringing with us more! (I hear Sis denying that :))

They LOVE the ribs from a little place not too far from us.  For about the last 5 or 6 years whenever they would come to visit, we ALWAYS went there for dinner at least once.  Well, now they are having some health problems that keep them close to home so we are going to take some of the ribs they love to them!

When we went to get the ribs last night, the owner’s wife gave me all kinds of instructions (added to the slightly DIFFERENT ones the server gave me!), so I hope I can make these ribs edible once we get there.

Oh, well.  I’m sure they will eat them and say they are delicious, no matter how much I dry them out or whatever.  Because that’s the kind of people they are. 

Many years ago, when our parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, on the night before the big open house there were going to be about 30 people congregating at my house for the evening that I was going to have to feed (I was the only one of Mama and Daddys’ children who lived in town).  Out of the blue, Sis told me not to worry — she would take care of that meal!  She brought in coolers, all the way from Georgia, the makings for a meal for those 30 people! (She knew how stressful all that company was for disorganized, mother-of-young-children me.) 

I remember two emotions when Sis did that — awe that she could actually DO that — and gratitude that she had unexpectedly taken one of the big headaches of that weekend off my shoulders.  I will never forget that wonderful act of sisterly love.

So, it’s nice to be able to do a little thing this for them.

Thank you God, for Sis and her Hubby and all they have been to us. Amen

3 Responses to A Quick Road Trip Because We Love Them

  1. I just remember whenever this particular aunt and uncle came to town that you and Dad and they would sit up drinking red wine (not you, Mom but the other three) and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I love that aunt and uncle especially the sound of their laughter.

  2. It is lovely that you have such a nice relationship with your sister. Hope you have a wonderful time, and that the ribs are as good as you all remember.

  3. Sandra says:

    Jenny — We’ve still got it! We laughed and laughed while we were there this time too! (And the other three still drank their wine!)

    New Diva — It IS lovely that I have a really good relationship with both of my living sisters. I am very blessed. And the ribs turned out great.

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