An Inadvertent Nickname for Her Sister


When Paula was only a few years old, her parents gave her a new baby sister, and they gave the tiny new baby a BIG name — Elizabeth.

Try as she might, little Paula c.o.u.l.d n.o.t pronounce the baby’s name the way Mommy and Daddy did.  So, to this day, a nickname that Paula sometimes calls her sister, and the name Elizabeth sometimes signs when writing to Paula, is “Lilly.”

Are you thinking, “Where did that come from?” 

“Elizabeth” may have been the baby’s name in Paula’s little girl mind, but when that name came out of her little girl mouth the best she could do was “Lilly-butt.”

These are two very lady-like sisters, so when Paula told me this story recently, I was totally charmed by the thought of her calling her sister, “Lilly-butt.”

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