NOOOO Ziploc Omelets, Please!

Sorry.  I’ve erased the post I did yesterday because my daughter (who edits me in allll ways, as a good daughter should, and ALWAYS for my own good), told me that the Ziploc Omelets are not recommended by Ziploc.  When I put Ziploc into google, I got a site for campers that recommended that campers not do this because Ziploc’s official position, when contacted by the author was, “We do not produce a BOILABLE bag.”  Rats.

So, for those of you who said you tried it with success, maybe you should hold off until they DO produce a boilable bag, and the rest of us can try it then too.

In conclusion, I quote our family sage, Scott, “Yolk-o No No!”

Quote on the camping website from Megan O. Maginnis, Consumer Specialist for S.C. Johnson & Son, makers of Ziploc baggies: “Thank you for asking about using Ziploc bags to make omelets. While we appreciate hearing about new and innovative ways to use our products, we must be cautious that these new ideas follow label directions.“Ziploc bags are not designed or approved to withstand the extreme heat of boiling and therefore, using Ziploc bags to make any recipe that requires the bag to be boiled is not recommended.“Like all of SC Johnson’s products, Ziploc bags cam be used with confidence when label directions are followed. All Ziploc containers and microwaveable Ziploc bags meet safety requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for temperatures associated with defrosting and reheating food in microwave ovens,as well as room, refrigerator, and freezer temperatures.“Please share these facts with others who may have this misleading information. We also encourage people to go to for more information on the proper use of this product.”

3 Responses to NOOOO Ziploc Omelets, Please!

  1. Chrissy says:

    BUMMER! Not going to do it anymore! But if ziploc can produce freezer bags, why can’t they produce boil bags!?

  2. Sandra says:

    I agree, Chrissy. And, my guess is that there probably isn’t anything wrong with boiling the bags, I just think they are covering themselves for any possible litigation IF someone would make a claim. I agree — Bummer. I was looking forward to trying it.

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