Sometimes You Just Have to Buy Stuff to Stock Your Next Garage Sale!


IN THEORY, every purchase I make has logic behind it. I don’t like to think of myself as an “impulse” shopper. However, IF I am going to insist that that is the case, I am going to have to do some reallllly fast talking (more accurately, typing), to justify to you the 20 yards of cranberry red tulle I just bought.

It all started with a simple visit to SaYaNyThInG’s blog about a week ago (she’s one of the enjoyable sites I visit regularly). She had posted pictures of her beautiful home  decorated for Christmas, and she also mentioned that she was part of a blog “Christmas Walk” sponsored by Boomama. Well, that really caught my interest, so after enjoying HER pictures, I went to that site too.

There were over 300 homes! Yes, that is three zero zero! All decorated for the holidays. My thinking was, “If all of those wonderful people are going to go to the trouble to decorate their homes, take pictures of them, and then post the pictures, it seems that the least the rest of us can do is “visit” as many of them as possible!” I’m sure you can see my reasoning.

So, for the rest of that evening, and several hours the next evening, I looked at houses. It was realllly fun. I should mention here that I have always considered my dream job to be a realtor. I imagine I would enjoy selling houses too, but my main reason for interest in that profession is the LOOKING at houses.  So, this was right up my alley!

I wasn’t at all intimidated by the large number of homes in the “walk” — at first. But, as I methodically went from one to the next, I realized I probably wasn’t going to make it through all 300. In fact, I think in those two evenings I actually made it through about 30. But, I truly enjoyed all the ones I DID visit. I have been on quite a few “real” Christmas walks, and it always amazes me how unique the decorations are at each house. This was just like that. Some elaborate — some simple, but all done with care. Worth the time to “visit.”

Hubby would probably tell you, if you asked, that the “down side” to me going to Christmas walks has always been that I come home full of ideas! In fact, I have been known to stop, with my “partners’ in crime,” my sisters-in-law, on the WAY HOME from a Christmas walk, to buy things that we could use to reproduce ideas we had seen in a home on the walk.

Well, that “idea” thing happened this time too. Specifically, I saw several homes where they had wrapped white tulle around the bannister of a stairway. I liked that look and had actually seen that done before, but seeing it this time made me think, “Hey, maybe I should try that!” We didn’t have ANYTHING decorating the bannister on OUR stairway because I gave up years ago wrapping it with garland. I just never had the “knack” to make it look good, so I gave up. But, after seeing the tulle-wrapped bannisters, our poor bare bannister suddenly seemed to be a “gap” in our Christmas decorating.

So, the very next day I went to a fabric store to look at tulle. They had it in every color imaginable, and it was on sale — they were practically PAYING people to take it off their hands!! I started out looking at the white and cream, and debating with myself which would look the best.

Isn’t it amazing, when you are shopping, how hard it is to remember colors at home and whether what you are buying will go with what you already have (in clothes, as well as decorating)?

Anyway, as I was debating between the two shades of white, a color I dearly love caught my eye — garnet/cranberry, whatever you want to call it — deep red. The red in the Christmas decorations in our house tend to be this dark red. So, while I couldn’t decide which shade of white would look best, I made a quick decision that this dark red would CERTAINLY go with the decorations we already had.  

Decision made, I took the bolt to the lady with the scissors.  She asked me how much I needed. Since I’m not really familiar with tulle (or material, in general), and the bolt seemed reallly thin, because the material is so thin, I had no idea how much I “needed” — and, of course, part of the problem may have also been that I really had no idea exactly WHAT I was going to do. Anyway, because the lady with the scissors was standing there looking at me expectantly, and a line was forming behind me, I asked how many yards were on a bolt and she said, “20,” and that just sounded right to me, and besides that way there would be no cutting with scissors involved (as you may have read, I HAVE been tramatized recently by very sharp scissors that “turned on me” while I was wrapping gifts). So, I paid for my 20 yards of dark red tulle and headed home to make my bannister “beautiful.”

Several hours later, I had finally wound the tulle in and out, over and under and around the bannister from top to bottom, and stood back to look at my handiwork.  About that time, Hubby arrived home, and he joined me in examining my “project.”  I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not, so asked what he thought.  Why do I ask his opinion?  He’ll be the first to tell you that he doesn’t have a “decorating” bone in his body, but that doesn’t stop him from having an “opinion.” (a trait we share — our opinions do NOT require much knowledge of the subject!)  He just stood there and looked — and looked.  He didn’t say anything.  I sensed he was picking his words carefully (THAT comes from 42 years of marriage!).  But, I have learned some things in those 42 years too, so, because I could tell he didn’t know exactly what to say, I took a realllly hard look at the bannister’s “wrappings” too, and I did have to admit to myself (and him — I let him off the hook by saying it first, before he had to!) — while the white tulle I had seen on others’ bannisters looked lovely and totally Christmas-appropriate, the dark red tulle just didn’t hit the same “note.”  Frankly, it had a little more of a “dance hall ” look to it!  Rats.  Lots of tulle.  Lots of work.  Nothing to show for it.  Just a note:  When taking it OFF the bannister, I learned that it takes alot longer to take 20 yards of tulle OFF a bannister than it did to put it ON. 

So, now I have 20 yards of tulle in a color I love, with no idea of a project for which it could be used.  Although I had decided a couple years ago that I would no longer have garage sales, I may just have to have one more, so that I can include my tulle.

And, our bare bannister?  I’ve decided it looks just fine “bare.”  I choose to now think of it as “minimalist” and “lovely in its simplicity.” 

May you have a wonderful Christmas, filled with memories of Christmases past and new memories you make with your loved ones — and thankfulness for the ultimated Christmas “gift,” Jesus. 

One Response to Sometimes You Just Have to Buy Stuff to Stock Your Next Garage Sale!

  1. Wish I could have seen a picture of your “dance hall” I bet it wasn’t as bad as you think!

    Happy New year!

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