I’m DONE Wrapping Gifts! Ouch!


You could say the timing was perfect, I guess.

Yesterday morning I finished wrapping the last of our gifts, and Hubby took them to mail.  A great feeling to have that done.

Unfortunately, literally, when I was curling the LAST little piece of ribbon that needed to be curled on the LAST package to be wrapped, with the LAST swipe of the blade of the scissors across that LAST piece of ribbon — I cut a nice gash parallel to the fingernail across the top of my right index finger!

Luckily, I’m left handed, so this isn’t quite the inconvenience it COULD have been.  But it DOES mean that I have a less-than-festive wad of band-aid on the end of my finger!  (A very hard spot to bandage.)

Could have been worse, I guess — and at least I AM done with wrapping.  Hooray!! 

May any mis-steps you make during this hectic time, be little and easily “fixable.”

4 Responses to I’m DONE Wrapping Gifts! Ouch!

  1. I am officially jealous! I did manage to send what needs to be sent, but have not even started the wrapping of things that are staying at home for Christmas morning. Sorry about your finger!

  2. Sandra says:

    Don’t be jealous, New Diva — it’s all about not having children at home — and, most of all, being retired! We have plenty of time to do things — your time will come! Enjoy the “hectic-ness” — it will be done all too soon, and then you’ll miss it!

  3. Ouch is right!

    I’ve been wrapping as I go, and I only have to wrap the last-minute things I purchased today. A friend gave me a huge piece of beautiful fabric today, and I’m resisting the temptation to make gifts out of it. I don’t know what I would make or for whom, but I want to get into that fabric when I have a million of other things to do before Christmas, like stand in line at the post office.

    Hope your injury heals quickly. Congrats on getting all the wrapping finished.

  4. Sandra says:

    SBW — You know, I can fall in love with a beautiful piece of fabric too, although I’m not crafty enough to know anything to DO with it! I tried quilting years ago, and my favorite part was picking out combinations of materials. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at doing the actual quilting. Teacher said I was a “tense quilter.” My squares were always “puckery” while everyone else in the class had nice flat ones!

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