The Station Agent’s Friend


Recently, Hubby and I sat down to watch a little TV together (not always the case — TV’s in different rooms frequently work better).  He went to the movie channels and started “surfing” which I believe all men are genetically pre-disposed to do.  He happened upon a movie already in progress named The Station Agent.  I remembered being interested when I heard about this movie when it was in the theaters, and he was interested too, so we decided to watch the rest of it. 

It’s the story of a man who has dwarfism named Finn who moves to an abandoned train station he has inherited in a small town.  He is mourning the death of his best friend and has come to the small town wishing to be left alone in his grief. 

Not going to get his wish.  A talky Italian guy named Joe has a hot dogs, soda and ice cream truck that he sets up right across the road from the train station every day.   Finn goes to the truck sometimes to get something to eat, but is not interested in talking to Joe, but Joe won’t leave him alone, and keeps peppering Finn with questions about himself.

Joe finds out that Finn is interested in train watching.  So, Joe starts tagging along.  At one point, it shows the two of them sitting out in the middle of nowhere for long periods of time just reading or staring off into space, interspersed with short bursts of a train whizzing by, with Finn intently watching the train and taking notes, and Joe jumping up and down in excitement — for just a minute or two.  And, then they’re back to another long period of reading or looking off into space.  Eventually, they borrow a video camera and drive alongside trains in Joe’s store/truck with Finn filming the train — something he had always wanted to do.

It’s a very simple movie about friendship.  Patricia Clarkson plays a woman who also becomes a friend to the two, but, for me, the story was really about the friendship between the two men.

Joe didn’t have any interest in trains before he met Finn.  But, because of his interest in friendship with Finn, he was open to the subject of trains, and found out that they interested HIM too!

A very interesting character-study movie.

After the movie ended, I told Hubby, “In some ways, Joe and Finn remind me of Linda and me.”  I explained my reasoning, and Hubby agreed.  He’s a big Linda fan, too.

This is why.  A few short months ago, Linda didn’t know anything about blogging, just like I didn’t.  But when DD talked to me about trying my hand at it, Linda encouraged me to do it, and was open to learning more about it too.  So, we’ve learned about this strange, exciting new world in tandem. 

She says she’s not “wordy” enough to actually WRITE a blog (and, believe me, the insinuation of my “wordiness” is not lost on me), but she has become a daily reader of not just mine and DD’s, but several other blogs.  And she is always interested in discussing blogs and blogging with me, and occasionally, when we are discussing something or someone totally removed from the subject of blogging, she’ll say, out of the blue, “Think there’s a blog there?”  Although, I do have to say, that I still have trouble getting her to cooperate when I say, “I need something to blog about — say something funny.” 

Linda and I have lots of interests that we don’t share, and each has a polite interest in these other hobbies (for instance, Linda is a wonderful photographer, with a great eye for composition, and I am only a “point and shoot” photographer, when there’s no one more competent around to do it), but in this case, I feel that Linda developed an interest in this particular hobby BECAUSE of her friendship with me.

My point is — how blessed I am by having a friend like Linda.  While I have enjoyed this experience of blogging immensely, Linda has added immeasureably to the experience by sharing it with me.

Thank you, God for my friend, Linda, whose friendship adds so much to my life and who encourages me in my faith and who makes me laugh!    

6 Responses to The Station Agent’s Friend

  1. Linda says:

    You know that you’ve always held me spellbound by your verbally-related stories, so why should you be surprised that I’d be just as enthusiastic about your blogged stories??? And you’ve introduced me to some people that I’ll probably never meet in person but people that I can still get to know through their own blogs. One example is SBW at Simple Words I Understand. It was worth entering the blog world just to find her blog. Her’s and DD’s and yours have provided material for some stimulating conversations and some thoughtful meditations.

    Your enthusiasm about pretty much everything you do makes it awfully easy for a friend to follow your activities with interest. Let’s face it, you’re just an interesting person. Very, very interesting. And you’re a good friend. I couldn’t ask for a better one. I’m blessed indeed.

  2. tz says:

    Just based on linda’s comment above I think she’d make an excellent blogger!
    There are just some friends that can light up your day and feel good about who you are! How great that you blogged about that!

  3. Sandra says:

    tz — thank you for your comment. Linda WOULD be good at writing a blog, but then I’d have to “share” the subjects of blogs we encounter! So, let’s not work too hard to get her started, okay? 😀

  4. What a nice tribute to a friend. I feel the same way about my sister-in-law. We were thrown together as in-laws and somehow that crazy girl ended up as my best friend. We enjoy each other’s hobbies, just as you described in the movie and with Linda.

    I will have to look into that movie. It sounds vaguely familiar, but I don’t think I’ve seen it.

    And, thank you to Linda for her kind words. It’s fun to have readers!!!

  5. Sandra says:

    SBW — Linda and me and our hubbies were together the other night and discussing that post and that movie, and Linda said it was rated R (she had looked it up on the internet). I said I wonder why. Hubby said, “for drugs.” I said, “They did DRUGS?” He said (very slowly so I would understand), “Yesssss. Remember the cigarette they were passing around?” Oh. I forgot about that. So if you are easily offended by people passing around a cigarette of indeterminate origin which Hubby CLAIMS was pot, don’t watch the movie! (I though they were just being frugel and passing around their last Lucky Strike!) 😀

    I’m glad you have a friend like Linda too. It took me a long time to figure out how to BE a good friend, so for many years I didn’t HAVE a good friend. Now, I feel sorry for people who have never had one — it adds so much to one’s life.

  6. Don’t worry about the wacky tobaccy in the movie. I don’t think it will do me any harm.

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